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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

jpaws! haha :]
mhmm got to go into school late today :]
morning: listened to The Postal Service 'till i left for school haha
when i got to school: went into the office. they didn't have my phone so they said to check with my bus driver after school.
Study Hall: lolol uhh did like nothing but talk and shiiit xD
Bio: lol he wasn't there so it was basically like a study hall. listened to music and talked with my friends hahaha funn :]
S.S: lolol idk boring. took notess and yeah that's basically it
Eng: uh haha boring as hell but at least we got no homework :]
Gym: lololol did nothing. well got into teams and then played a game but...me and my friend didn't reallydo anything haha.
Lunch: yess fun times :] uhhh haha oh yeah apparently my vitamin water was like soap today lol. then of course we got everyone teasing each other and shiiit. haha.
Photography: uhh haha. basically decorated our work that we made.
Math: uhh was anxious to leave so i can get my phone back and everything.
After School: waited for my friend at his locker. then had him walk with me to my bus so i could get my phone back. lol which was funny 'cuz like everyone was staring at me. then after went back inside school to stay after fo' jpaws.
JPaws: yess mmm. it's an animal club thingy were you like go to shelters and stuff yeahh. haha so me&some of my friends were there. and so was my brother&some of his friends. lolol. but yeah that was fun...well then we saw who was the teacher who like was incharge yeah haha funny shiit man.
After JPaws: hung out with my three friends and my brother. then two of my friends had to go so it was just me,myfriend,andmybrother. which was fun as hell haha. then my friends mom picked us up :]
and yeah that's basically it :D

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