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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

i woke up...well i actually don't remember waking up.got ready and then yeah.
Before Homeroom: went with mary to her locker.left.went downstairs was with people like always.
Homeroom: pretty much boring.
Spanish: whatever.
BioLab: haha who knows.
Bio: somelabthing.
S.S: haha i forgot.
Eng: read something boring.
Gym: br00t47 soccer game lolol.
Lunch: made my day :]<3
Photography: teacher wasn't there so..we had to read and summarize whateverarticle we read. then after it was basically like a study hall.
Math: learned something haha yeah that's basically it.
After School: got happy :] haha and was basically fun
Bus: ehh nothing special
Home: apparently i left my phone on the bus..but i'm getting it back..long story don't feel like explaining.
badmood..amazingly haha.bye.

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