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Friday, September 21, 2007

yess!! FRIDAY!! WOOO!!
my weekend is here! hells yeahh!!
i woke up at like 625..well my mom woke me up it was funny 'cuz i was like: OMG!? what?! really? woow!! i need to get ready!!
haha, i loving having a lot of time in the morning to do whatever hence why i freaking out x]
Before Homeroom: lol i was looking for people. found someone! :] so i hung out with her and my other two friends :]
Homeroom: ehh haha idk. i was all tired but excited.
Spanish: testt or quiz? idk what it was but whateverr yeah and then i was all excited to leave the class haha
Study Hall: ahhmaazing :] the other study hall wasn't there, we're in the cafeteria for study hall, so my friend&i were sitting in the back and away from the teacher.taking pictures and listening to my ipodd fun timess :]
Bio: was interesting? lol oh wait! it actually was!! haha we pulled out a strand of our hair and looked at it through the microscope! xD
S.S: vocab quiz..pshh i failed that shiizzz. i completely forgot about it and i only remembered acouple of things xD
Eng: got in to groups for some debate thingy. hells yeah! muh group wonn! :D
Gym: lolol rann a lap like we were apposed to. i suck at running, like seriously i was so much better last year -___- whatevvss. and then basically like did nothing and yeahh lol.
Lunch: hell fucking yeah! we sang happy birthday and everyone on our side like clapped lolol. then my friend did his dance LMFAO greatest thing alivee i swear XD
Photography: haha fun stuff. i said: ohmygod..and my teacher goes: yes what can i help you with. LOL apparently he's god xD
Math: test lol yeahh man idk how i did on that. but i was super excited when that bell rang :D 1st one out tha do' like alwayss,ya digg? xD
After School: hell yeahh!! apparently it's refreshing haha that i'm always so excited after school. haha i swear some of the guys in my life are plain amazing :] anyways yeah so i was all excited and yeahh haha oh and we listened to Dance Gavin Dance hells yeah! :D
Now: haha about to leave for her birthday dinner. then going to his house with everybody. i'm excited for a fun night. i just hope i don't get thrown in the pool, then again she did tell him that me and her[someone else] had our periods. lol it's true for her but not for me x:

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