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Thursday, September 20, 2007

lol pep rally.
mhmm woke up at 5 like usual had like a billion hours to do whatever i wanted.
Spanish: uh not much really i guess? haha idk.
Study Hall: haha. funny as hell. apparently the teacher knows my friends name and likes Circa Survive and yeahh. LOL PEDOO? XD
Bio: haha who fuckiingg knowss what we did. haha.
S.S: LOLOL at doing hwk EXACTLY LAST MINUTE!!pshh and i didn't get caught :D XD
Eng: quizz. i got a 90 hells yeahh! and then..she was talking and i was zoning out XD
Gym: running one lap -____- then walking the rest of the time :]
Lunch: hahaha. he z-snaped and did his 'titty' dance!! LOL oh lunch timee. and she got mayo in his hair. and we all just laughed and stuff. while she hid behind him for 'protection'. lolol (two different girls and two difference guys if you're wondering why it's like: she and he and yeahh XD)
Photography: haha we had the pep rally so we were only here for a little bit.
Pep Rally: lol i found like everyone i needed too :D and haha my friend&i had like no school spirit at all...well then again it was all hot out and stuff haha yeahh mann. anyways it was okayy.
After Pep Rally/School: original walking buddies!! yess :] well actually we were only missing my brother but ehh close enough XD. haha fun timess.

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