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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

uhm haha woke up early. kept falling back to sleep yeahh
Before Homeroom: walked like everywhere haha x]
Homeroom: boring as hell son. lolol.
Spanish: purddy much boring as usual haha
Study Hall: lockdown mode. then my study hall teacher was being retarded yeahhyeahhh
Bio: lol didn't really do much. uhh haha yeah
S.S: lolz two girls next door got into a fight x]
Eng: uh idk. i wasn't really paying attention...
Gym: lolz at running/walking xD and talking and yeahh
Lunch: holysdgshtfsjh! hilarious :] "i zone out a lot." couple minutes after "suckin on my titty"(or something like that haha i forgot right now but yeahh its from a song" . "i do that a lot too"..and then we start cracking up so much. "no!no!not like that! i ment the zoning out thing!". us: "hahaha didn't sound like it" and then we erupt [lolz erupt] in laughter. and of course we tell everyone who missed it. haha yeahh man
Photography: nothing reallyy haha idk yeah XD
Math: uhh idk. went over the hwk lolz. i keep saying yeahh a lot xD
After School: fun timess. listening to two songs at once because we're madd fucking cool like that :] (we traded headphones lolol) yeahh and uhh yeah lol idk XD

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