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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

tuesday song? haha
eyyloww! :] haha so yeahh...let's get on with this...
Before Homeroom: "isn't there a tuesday song?"..."wtf?no?a tuesday song?", " yeah a tuesday song...i heard it before"..."haha suree" then we left to find people XD
Spanish: purrdddyyy damn boring. like really haha.
Lab: haha i have no fucking clue. me&my friend were like in our own little world. looking at each others ipods and taking pictures with my camera and shiitt hahaha.
Bio: uhh had to pay attention fo' dem microscopes ya digg? x]
S.S: uhh jfaiusj idfk. haha i was like looking in my bag the whole time...distangling my headphones and shiiizz haha.
Eng: -_______- Gym: straights and curves, ya heard. haha yeahh fun fun times walking around the track lolol.
Lunch: is always the best timee haha. laughing a lot, the latino king! LOL, and a ton of otherr shiizz.
Photography: uhh we had no idea what to do LMFAO. yeahh it was pretty chill yooo haha.
Math: uhh..ehh...yeahhh LOL
After School: is always fun as hell too, lololol.
"scream then", "i can't..", "why not?", "i don't have a reason to...like if someone jumped on me and started beating me i'd probably scream..", "okay...i can do that but...i have my ipod in my hands and i don't have a reason to beat you", "haha", "so...scream!", "no, not here","scream!", "i don't scream when i'm in school" "you should scream because you love me", "i know but not at school" ,"but were not in school haha", "i ment i only scream when i'm off school property","you know..who asks someone to scream?", "..you do..", "i meant besides me haha", "..no one..", "haha so are you going to scream?", "..no", " -____- you know what! i'll get you tomorrow" LOL there's a ton more to that conversation and i probably messed up some of the order of it and shiit but that's okay haha but...haha yeahh...layyturrr xD

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