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Monday, September 17, 2007

mondayyy -__________-
haha i don't like mondays. well than again no one really does. i woke up at 5 like usual xD
Before Homeroom: walked around with muh friendd and meet up with more people haha funn
Homeroom: apparently we gots a new kid...but uhh yeah idk haha
Spanish: pretty damn boring...obvzzz!!! x_x
Study Hall: was interesting...hahaha.
Bio: test...yeah short answers can go fuck themselves. basically...yeahh x]
S.S: uhh...idk haha nothing really.
English: jfiugsiu hshe reminds me of my teacher last year and...i didn't like my teacher last year -____________-
Gym: lolol. running,walking, pedophiles[inside joke obvz lolol], talking, and all that shiiit.yeahh mannn xD
Lunch: haha just fucking hilarious and haha basically made my day :]
Photography: haha idk it was funny
Math: lol we had a fire drill :D other than that...boring xD
After School: lolol. fun times yelling out peoples names and being a weirdo xD
lol yeah im like tired now...so yeahhh byeee

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