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Waddup theotaku? My name iz colin im 17 i like 2 watch anime like my brother...www.theotaku.com/jonein..hes on here too soo add him...he knows way more than i do about anime anywayz...so if u like my site add me and talk 2 me ok...bye

P.S if you guys wanna chat use the chat box under my favorite video u cant miss it.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Fate stay night amv,Comment plzz

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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

My SUmmer wuz a Let down..i thought it wuld b great since this wuld b my last summer as a child ann all..Goin into my senior year..my birthday jus passed an all im an old 17 year old bumm lol..This summer culda,shulda,wulda ben better but it didnt Quite get there,it feels like it hasnt started cuz all i did wuz go 2 summer skewl,work,work,work,I hate my jobb..thats y im trying 2 get a new wun at tha mall so i culd be happy instead of my other jobb that i wuld not like 2 mention thank you lol....HOw wuz u guys summer anywayz i hope everything has benn good 4 u guys,,,i missed u my theotaku buddys,,leave wun here..:)


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Friday, August 3, 2007

Akira vidd

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Saturday, April 28, 2007

   Mann Where hav i ben??
Umm well ive jus hav not been on theotaku that much as u can see latley i apologize my fault..umm ive ben trying to bring my grades up in skewl and all and ive got a b a c- and a d and a d- and 1 f...ive done pretty good i hope my fathers happy with that..i need to go to summer skewl...ive also ben busy solving them girl issues that most boyz have lol...im not a player lmao...anywayz..ive got the new pokemon pearl..so i wont be bored..ive just got it the first day it came out...my cousin moved down to georgia and it made me pretty mad...i hope she comes back down to stay with me and my family for the summer i love having her around..ive also been outside alot chilling with my friends..im going to go to my junior prom/cottillion..its and over night thing...it shuld be madd fun lol..anywayz how uve guyz ben..leave me a comment..and i will get back to you when i can alright..i hope you guys are doing good also...madd luv 4 mah friends on here...bye
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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Bleach Rukia Fight

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