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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

hello all

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MySpace Layouts hi guys

well i desided to get back on for a bit i dont think im going to make a world but we will see i abondon this for a good amount of time and the reason im back is because i just read a really sad email from animesnowgirl


Didnt mean to leave forever and now im back i know probably no one is going to be reading this but i will write anyway.

I have given in to Myspace and all of its horror -.-

the reason for that is cuz i moved from SC and now live in NH
(from South Carolina) (to New Hampshire)

had to give into the space of my
cuz my friends made me X( lol

if anyone want to still talk to me and what not my myspace is


email is confusedfairy@gmail.com

name Autumn Stormcrow

i know i said Aj was my real name well it kinda is my its my first and middle name together in a way ^-^

Miss all of you much hugs to all


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