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Monday, May 16, 2011

   Amazon Japan Purchases May 2011
[Posted @ 1:23 AM]
A late night post because I was busy gaming xD Borderlands is addictiveeee!!! Now I have a Lvl 30 Soldier and a Lvl 18 Berserker [Named ilovepain and coincidentally he also loves pain lol] \O/ Also I got my parcel last Sunday =o= didn't know Singpost delivered stuff on Sundays ... GOOD FOR THEM AND ME!! *happy*

Anyways, I'm interested in how many people will be willing to join a contest in my blog and if the response is overwhelming, I'll consider purchasing 2 more Girl Friends Drama CDs and giving them out as prizes =D. Post your suggestions in the comment section for the nature [Fanart, fanfic, trivial etc] of the contest as well. This poll ends on May 31 2011.

And uuhh, I opened my GF Drama CD so I won't be giving that as a prize lol no worries. Will order 2 more if there's a good response =3

Nobara no Mori no Otometachi turned out to be an interesting read, good character twist [kinda] for the supposedly boring, goody-two-shoes Ojou-sama type and I lol-ed at the cute side story in V2 xD Won't wanna spoil you much heh. All I can say 'Poor Izumi' haha. Priced at ¥420, the manga is kinda small compared to Ichijinsha's ¥900 manga, barely 3/4 of the latter's size. Oh, I also got an oldie for ¥1 haha not including shipping charges but it's still okay.

'Himitsu no Hanazono' is probably one of my first few gender bender/cross dressing shoujo-ai manga with a happy [kinda] ending whereas gender doesn't really matter between the two characters and even if Sakuya's a guy, he(she) is a hot one xD. MMmmm reminds me of another Sakuya from Kaikan Phrase. Oh, this is a true gem so I'm happy to own it.

Here's a little incentive.

And another more.

And I'm tired. Nights all! Looking forward to your suggestions and comments!

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