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Thursday, July 7, 2005

   Destined or bad things
Funny pic

Ok now im mad!!!!!!!! Akayo/kaisen is destined for bad things to happen to him!we were driving yesterday and some guiy i guess who didnt like Akayo from a logtimeback he was coming home and he was driving he stopped at a red light and a big truck pulled up on the side of us on Akayos side.The guy kept looking at him and akayo just laughed and ignored him maybe they hate his laugh or something LOL!!!! but akayos window was down and the guy threw a whole bunch of soda and it splashed all over him.Akayo got really mad and the guys pulled off so Akayo drove after them ,then the police stopped him.They didnt give him a tiket but Akayo almost got one he was trying to explain why he was speeding and that the guys just rode by him and did that and the officer kept telling him to be quiet.So he finally stop yelling and just went home i felt sorry if he seems mad today you know why well ttyl and btw who iseveryones favorite anime person right now/game/story/mine is Tejin well ttly.

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