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Thursday, May 5, 2005

   Hello this is not Akayos Fangirl talking ^-^
This his her friend ashley she is taking a test so she told me what to write LOL.
Akayos Fangirl:hello everyone it was a good day until some idiot messed it up we had a big college water ballon fight this morning and someone tried to catch akayo off guard and they threw it at his head but akayo ducked and it hit a teacher in the face *laughs uncontrolble*But then the guy got in trouble and he said hes gonna try to kill akayo after school now is it me or does some people have a grudge against akayo?Akayo ignored him and kept playin with the oter people LOL!And thats it ttyl.

Ashley:oh and yes Akayo is cute everyone if you thought she was making it up.Hi Akayo LOL *hugs and kisses to you*

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