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Monday, April 11, 2005


Me Akayo and some friends went out on saturday and this drunk boy wouldnt let me go so Akayo told him to leave me alone and the boy hit him in the face.Akayo grab the boy and threw him to the ground and started hitting him then the boys friends jumped in it!Thats when i started to cry because they were hitting him but i dont know how he got away from all of that and he wind up hitting the boys off of him and he hit the boy in the face.My friend james didnt even help him!i tried ut my friends(girls)wouldnt let me!By this time Akayo was fighting three people by himself but he was beating there a**.Then the police came and we had to explain what happened!they let us go and then we went home.He didnt have any scratches on his face but i think when one of them kicked him in his ribs they may have cracked or broke it because he was holding it!he said he was okay.I havent seen or talk to him today so i hopw hes okay.He protected me from those idiots and AKAYO IM FOREVER GRATEFUL!*HUGS AND KISSES*

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