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Thursday, April 3, 2008


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Songs of the Wood Nymph

Here is a story and a picture I drew!
Title: My life in an all boys school
Description:This story is from Gokusen second season Imagine: Boys who don't give a rats butt about society, who go around fighting to protect what's theirs. Can you imagine how a girl would fit into this scenario? Check it to find out how it works!
Featuring:Yankumi, Ryo, Tsucchi, the whole 3-D class, Kashi, Sha.
Main Characters: Kayata, Yankumi, Ryo, others.
Chapters: 5
Status: Active

Title: My Hidden Carnivale
Description:This is what I want at my hidden life.

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~ friilancurxXxarteest [DeviantArt account]
~fir3fly L0ve [fanfiction.net account]))
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A Lingering Shadow

All content copyright to Tai.
Layout and coding by poisonruby.

A Tender Petal

Name: Tai, Thailand or Hatzumo whichever you like ^_^
Age: 16
Location: With my friends!
Ethnicity: Afr'Am, Japanese, Indian, egyptian, french, cajun
Loves: Reading, music, sleeping, my doggie, RP, manga, anime
Loathes: school work, annoying people, mean people, little brother, house work
Grade: 3rd year high school
I love anime music!! Almost more than anime itself. I've always wanted to have a large collection of mangas but I have no where to put them and my dad doesn't like me having them T_T I had about 7 of them but my dad made me throw them away. [sad stuff, I know] Baka-nii has more manga than I do! and he only has three!

I've recently tried to draw, and it wasn't that bad. I still stick to digital art though as you can see from my deviant artist account.

Soft Whispers

Get your own Chat Box! Go Large!

Streaming Rays of Sunshine

Examples of how this could look like:



Enchanting Melodies

The Forgotten Fairytales

Date: 03-04-08
Time: 03:07 PM
Mood: Excited
Loving: M-Flo Hearing: music saskue sanke bobble head
Eating: Just got done eating a king size Crunch bar!

I leave for Ohio tomorrow (I should have said something earlier, I know)So now I'm getting ready by doing laundry, cleaning, stuffing three big bags of chips in a suitcase o_O

Yes, so I leave you all with my love and good luck ~-^ I lurf you all! ♥ |

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