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Saturday, June 4, 2005

sleep... good...

195 questions

Created by tigerarmyneverdies and taken 56 times on bzoink!

eye color?hazel
hair color?black with purple streaks
Piercings?you want to see?
tattoos?not yet.
height?five foot, two inches.
current location?Hell, still.
righty or lefty?bothy.
sex?Rather die.
Do You
drink?hell no.
cuss?perhaps... what do you think?
play an instrument?yes. many.
have a bedtime?no.
sleep with stuffed animals?no.
have a bf/gf?HELL NO!
sing in the shower?no.
talk to yourself?what do you think.
want to have kids?Why help overpopulate the world?
want to get married?not realy
want to go to college?got nothing better to do...
have a crush on someone?NO. how many times do I have to say that?
have any pets?used to.
like school?not really.
act your age?what do you think?
go online alot?perhaps...
have a job?yes.
have a cell phone?no.
like to sing?not really.
like to dance?no.
movie?Just saw resident evil so...
band/singer?Mariylin... Manson...
song?sweet dreams (are made of these)
color?black and purple.
tv show?full metal alchemist.
website?what do you think?
animal?lyger now...
cd?smells like children
cartoon?What do you think?
scentno comment
candy?I don't really eat that much...
ice cream?no comment.
video game?any of the resident evil games.
stuffed animal?no. just no.
computer game?no comment...
subject in school?biology.
Have you ever
cried over a boy?NO. LISTEN TO ME. NO.
cried over a girl?HELL NO.
lost a best friend?I don't exactly have any anyway. so...
done drugs?no. why would I?
smoked?no. Same as above.
had alcohol?no. Same as above(s)
been arrested?no comment...
been on tv?same as above...
been in the newspaper?It wasn't my fault...
been in a fist fight?a couple...
gotten lost?What if I started out that way?
failed a grade?no.
broken a bone?several. at one time. repeat.
been really sick?yes.
been in love?no.
been dumped?see above.
had your heart broken?see above(s).
broken someones heart?N. O.
gone out in public in your pajamas?no.
been kicked out of a mall?yes. why?
stolen anything?no.
had sex?Hell. no.
gone to another country?yes.
snuck out of your house?yes.
kissed a stranger?no.
hugged a stranger?no.
slept with a stranger?no.
bitten someone?no comment...
gotten stitches?yes. (see "broken bone" question)
been to canada?yes.
had the chicken pox?no.
seen a shooting star?no.
Gone skinny dipping?no.
ran away from home?no comment.
been picked on?not in a long time.
been on stage?Hell. No.
thought about suicide?what is the point?
slept all day?yes. often.
kissed a boy?no.
kissed a girl?Hell. no.
broken the law?no comment.
met a famous person?not recently.
been in a mosh pit?a what?
killed a animal?yes.
Pick one
chocolate or vanilla?vanilla.
mcdonalds or burger king?neither.
pepsi or coke?neither.
black or white?black and purple.
rock or rap?rock
car or truck?why does nobody ever mention the mini vans?
summer or winter?autumn
cash or check?cash. always.
day or night?night. of course.
hot or cold?cold.
dog or cat?lyger.
tv or movie?both or neither.
tv or music?both.
snow or rain?snow. or rain. what about hail?
cake or pieneither. gross.
sprinkles or icingblood or decapitation?
strawberries or cherries?cherries.
ocean or swimming pool?ocean.
hugs or kisses?neither.
pants or shorts?long black dresses.
spring or autumn?autumn.
cell phone or internet?read my answer: in...ter...net....
msn messenger or AIMwhichever. you choose.
fruits or vegetables?fruits.
cds or radio?cds.
bed or couch?bed.
bracelet or necklace?as long as there are pointed things attached... either.
flowers or chocolate?dead flowers and no chocolate.
silver or gold?bronze. why do they never mention bronze?
guitar or drums?guitar and drums.
for or aganist
war?which one?
gay marriage?yes.
suicide?ask me when I'm dead.
school?torcher. fun.
drinking?against, of course.
drunk driving?see above.
drugs?see above(s)
sex?see above(s)
killing?no comment.
michael jackson?kill... now...
britney spears?*sharpens knife colection while glaring at the screen*
parents?no comment.
rules?no comment.
united states?just another land mass that a bunch of human beings claimed to be their own after robbing the people who lived there at first of their homes.
music?yes. please.
canada?"oh canada"
bush?barf bag.
kerry?excuse me... barf bags.
politics?corroption. no.
when was the last time you
slept?about 20 hours ago...
had a nightmare?about 21 hours ago...
listened to music?about 5.19223 seconds ago...
sang?do you really want me to answer that?
read a book?about 4 hours ago...
watched tv?about 12 hours ago...
watched a movie?about 9 hours ago...
were in a car?about I don't remember hours ago...
got sick?about one week ago...
went to the bathroom?about... what kind of question is that? really?
ate something?about 6 hours ago...
brushed your teeth?about 3 hours ago...
brushed your hair?about 11 hours ago...
took a shower?about 4 hours ago...
went to the mall?about I-don't-honestly-care hours ago.
talked on the phone?about... I don't honestly remember...
cursed?no comment.
were on stage?*growls.*
laughed?no comment.
cried?no comment.
fought with your parents?about 15 minutes ago...
got in a fight?no comment.
danced?no comment.
went to someone elses house?no comment.
talked to a stranger?what do you think?
rode on a bus?don't remember...
drank something?about 30 minutes ago...
got in a fight with a friend?no comment.
yelled at someone?no comment.
went to school?I don't really care about school right now...
ate ice cream?no comment.
had sex?do I really need to answer this question? honestly?

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