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Monday, May 16, 2005

I'm not sure, but i think that I should try posting a few poems here, what does the masses of the internet think?
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Sunday, May 15, 2005

   fullmetal cancel
my dear friends of the internet, apparently, some idiot has decided to cancel fullmetal alchemist so now i can't watch it anymore on tv (i'll just have to buy that series too...). that sucks ass.
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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Take the quiz: "What type of attitude problem do you have? (pics)"

Your Scary
Your probably goth (good for you). But this also makes most of the things you say creepy to others. Your probably trying to be mean but your slighty twisted so you end up scaring people. But who cares they still go away which is what you wanted. Try creeping people out by saying....

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another.... quiz....
Take the quiz: "What High School Stereotype Are You?"

You love the darkness. People are afraid of you and you like it like that.

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Take the quiz: "Your Psych-Ward diagnosis"

Schizoid Personality Disorder
Diagnosis: Schizoid Personality Disorder. A pervasive pattern of detachment from social relationships and a restricted range of expression of emotions in interpersonal settings, beginning by early adulthood and present in a variety of contexts, as indicated by (some of the following) neither desiring nor enjoying close relationships, preference for solitary activities, little interest in sexual relationships, lacking close friendships, and shows emotional coldness, detachment, or flattened affectivity

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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Right now I have exactly 13 guest book enteries. My favorite number actualy. My enemy has signed my guest book so now I'm pissed. For everyone listening to me, good luck in defeating the rabid squirls.
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Sunday, May 8, 2005

   this isn't good, is it?

Which Depressing/Lonely/Suicidal Icon Are You?

Created by someoneIcantbe and taken 517 times on bzoink!

Favorite Color:
Your Icon Is:

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   does anyone understand this jargon?

::Stereotype Survey::

Created by xpunkchicx9790 and taken 56 times on bzoink!

Do you shop at A&F?no
What about Hollister?no
Do you say the phrase 'like' a lot?no
Is your weight ultra important?no
What about your hair style?not realy
Is your favorite color pink?i think not
Do you spend excessive hours on your hair and make-up?no
Are you a loner?yes
Do you give a shit what other people think?not realy
Do you like vampires?they are fun...
Leather boots?no
Is black your favorite color?yes...
Is the world stabbing you in the back?probably, let me go check...
Do The Ramones kick or what?who?
Does plaid enter your wardrobe often?no
Lots of bracelets and studs?yes, black spiked bracelets...
Converse or some other skater shoe?what?
Red or black?black
Lots of band shirts or no?no
Do you pull of the rugged look quite nicely?no
Is Blink 182 awesome?sure.
Do you feel depressed all the time?yes, i guess
When two guys kiss each other, do you find that hot?absolutly!
Do you like that sexy emo hair style?what?
Do you HAVE that sexy emo hairstyle?no
(Guys) Do you wear tight clothes and lots of eyeliner and like itthat's hot...
(Girls) Do you like guys who wear tight clothes and lots of eyeliner?no. long black dresses do well...
Does your hair pose as a fashion statement or a coer-up?no
Do you cut yourself, then later show it off 'accidentially' for attention?no
Do you wear prep labels and walk into Hot Topic?no
Do you paint your nails black and go to cheer practice after school?no
Do you pretend to know rock bands but really you have no clue who they are?no
Do you just knick the skin or cut so deep you can't stop the bleeding?(cutsonly when my colection slips during cleaning...
Are you hated by most goth/punk/emo/skaters?probably.

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   survey from the depth of some random person's hell.

95 questions if you're BORED

Created by xsindeex and taken 7203 times on bzoink!

So, what's your name?sunako
Race/ethnicity?i don't realy care
Thinking right now?"why am i taking this pointless quiz when i can be in my dark closet?"
Well if it's nothing, should we begin?sure.
On relationships...
Anyway...crush?-ed the guy's hand who last tried to mess with me.
Got one?no need.
Are you going to tell me their name?not even if i had one.
Are you single?obviously.
Are you taken?what do you honestly think?
Why are you single if you are?do you realy need an explination?
If you're taken, who's the lucky guy/girl?the man of my mind
Do you think they're lucky to have you?not realy.
How long have you liked said person?never.
Are you glad this section is over?yes
On favourites...
What's your favourite song(s)?sweet dreams (are made of these)
Movie?the grudge. (it was so funny i actualy laughed)
Game?resident evil
Website?myotaku.com now
Survey maker? *points at self*sure, whatever.
Hair color?black, with violet streaks soon.
CD album?none
Artist?marylin manson.
Program of choice (as in computer program)?none
This or that...
Windows or Mac?windows screw you and i don't care about mac either...
Death or life?death
Cheese or porridge?cheese of course.
Britney or Christina...or neither?they should both rot in whatever hell they believe in.
Lord of the Rings or Harry potter (ONE CHOICE ONLY)lotr, i guess, (the orcs are fun)
Legolas or Aragorn?legolas is a fruit and aragorn has power... hmmmm...
Arwen or Eowyn?they are both stupid...
Fantasy or Reality?fantasy always beats this reality.
Religion or atheism?atheism, of course.
Would you wanna die of...
murder or old agemurder
drive by or starvation?drive by (better chance of haunting people)
In your sleep or in a tar pit?sleeping in a tar pit.
What if...
If you could go back in time and change anything, what would you do?i would destroy the creater of "BARNEY" *evil music*
The sky was yellow?but... it's black...
If you could take up any language what would you learn?japanese. of course.
you were a movie? What would you be?horror. fun.
Lovey dovey stuff..
Are you of age?to what? to get date raped?
Did you read the rating?no.
How many years till your legal?three, if that is what you mean...
Favourite fantasy?atomic bombs exploding in the distace as he...
Do you dream of your crush?got none.
Have you had sex yet?everyone is afraid of me... plus, the last guy who tried anything like that ended up in the hospital for three weeks somehow...
Did you type Virgin if you haven't? Type it now if you are.why? DO YOU HAVE ANYTHING AGAIST THAT YOU HORRIBLE PERSON? DO YOU GET OFF WITH THE KNOWLAGE OF HOW MANY VIRGINS GO TO YOUR SITE!!! (there, i typed it
Do you lie about your age to people?no
How many partners have you had?bowling? poker? (none by the way)
Been to third base yet?no
All the way?hell no. didn't you realize this with the virgin question?!
With who?now i'm getting somewhat annoyed.
Are you going to tell me?do you want me to do this the hard way, or the harder way?
Tired of this yet?not realy.
First thing you think of...
Johnnygo deeper
Shane shane, we know your name
Finish the sentence
If it ain't brokeyour not trying hard enough
The grass is greenerif it's spray-on
What's lovebut a shade lower than hate
You are what youkill
Battle of the bands (in no particular pairing)
Muse or Modest mouse?modest mouse
The cure or Blink 182?blink, i guess...
Pink Floyd or Guns and Roses?guns and roses
Avril Lavigne or Hilary Duff (yes you have to choose ONE haha)kill hilary, avril shall survive this time...
Alexisonfire or Linkin park?linkin park, but i shall research the other...
Franz Ferdinand or staind?staind
Slipknot or rancid?slipknot
Afi or Three days grace?three days grace.
Sugarcult or Hoobastank?marylin manson
Dashboard confessional or Story of the year?neither
Nsync or Backstreet boys?kill them both. now.
I'm done...happy?not realy...
Are you sure? BYE!die.

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I want to admit right here and right now that I, Sunako, am an athiest. i don't care what anyone thinks about that and i don't care if you try to convert me using your backward talk about how god(s) are good and wise and how i will go to hell(s) because of my nonbelief! I've already had several of my friends and random classmates try to convince me to believe that there is some supream creature that created us and yet is still pure. I am sick and tired of everyone feeding me bullshit about what i should or shouldn't believe. why can't most people understand that?
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