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Thursday, May 18, 2006

I'm so alone in this world,with no one to love me as a lover.
I wish I wasn't born to be or feel this way.
My life's comes to an end.
Everything inside me is hurt by the people who know me.
But no one in this world know the real, real me, and how I really feel.
No one knew, they don't even care about the real me.
Even when I have friends.
I act how I should act, but deep down inside, that's not me.
I act differently inside, always hiding away my dark feelings.
I know how I wanted to act, but my reality always force me to act like I'm a good (sweet) girl which everyone think I am.
But really, I'm not good, and I'm not bad neither.
My heart always change its feelings, just basically depending on the people I meet.
I hate my life and my reality, now that's the real me.
But of course, you all (don't) know, I LOVE my fantasy world more, a whole lot more!
I can change it into anything I want to, go anywhere, and be anyone/anything I wanted.

So tell me, please tell me.
Why am I like this?
Am I suppose to be this way?
Should I change?


Love / Friendship is like a rose
As it grow, it will expand
But when it got hurt by those who (don't) care
It'll get small and slowly die
But when carefully tended and loved by those who care
It'll keep on growing and showing off its beauty and love to the world.

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