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Sunday, April 9, 2006

Happy Palm Sunday. . . ^_^
Yes, it's that time of year again. The Weekend before Easter. Whoopee! okay, so it's not that big a deal but oh well. ^_^
So how are all you lovely people's? I'm doing better, I'm still sick, but I don't sound like a bullfrog anymore so I guess I'm improving. I should be 100% by tomorrow. The day's not over yet but I'm guessing this is the only time that I'll be able to get on today so I'll have to predict what's going to happen. Yes, I have become an a mazing telepathic! Who knew?! And noon thirty, ha ha I love to say that, anyway at noon thirty I"m going to Faith's to start our "creative dance". I was so lucky in gym class up to grade nine because in grade seven you don't do that unit, in grade eight I had a guy teacher and he didn't want to do that unit, but this year I have a girl teacher and we HAVE to do it! I mean, there's no point to it and everybody hates this unit, even more than the track unit which we do next, but we're still being forced to do it. Blech! My group doesn't even have a song yet, but we're leaning more towards the disney effect. Wheet Woo! Go mickey!
Other than that, I went to church today, I haven't gone in like 5 weeks but we finally got back into the habit because I worked the two-year old room for Sunday School. THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE! And I saw my good friend Becky whom I haven't seen in eons. I know, I lead such an exciting life! Bring on the paparazzi!

Hope y'all are well, now on to the blogs!

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