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Friday, April 7, 2006

Alright well this post has nothing ot do with pocky. Quite frankly, I haven't the foggiest as to what it is! I just like the word!

I'm so proud of all my little friends! I didn't have to organize their lives for the weekend. I love all my friends to pieces but when it comes to doing things with all of us in a group, we fall apart. This job is usually left to me. I've been brought up in a home with a mother who is an organizational Nazi! We are never late, we never wait, and we do everything! So today all my friends are going out to the mall and going to see a movie and Taylor 1 organized it all by herself! *sighs over-dramatically* I'm so proud. The only downside is that I odn't get to join them! ;>_<; I'm sick at home today. I osund like a bullfrog! HAHA RIN! Don't ask, he's from a manga. . . AND HE'S A TOTAL HOTTIE, again, don't ask, I'm hyped on meds right now. . .

Yesterday at like 5:30 pm, I went babysitting for my usual family, the one with two little boys and a baby girl, you'll hear about them a lot in my posts. And well quite frankly the boys were being little. . . shi. . . I mean bums. . . Caleb the oldest has a major attitude problem right now, he's about 5 so he can do some damamge to his house. And his brother Sam will do whatever Caleb does so once Caleb starts acting up, so does Sam. Well Eventually I had to put both of them on time out because They had flung the toys basket across the room, were beating each other and jumping on the couch. I put them on opposite sides of the room but i still had to move them because they could still see each other. So I had to put the baby girl, Delainey, down and she didn't want to lie on the floor so I left her sitting in the far back corner of the couch. In the two minutes that it took to move Cabe (Caleb's nickname) into his parents room, DELAINEY FELL OFF THE COUCH!!!! I was completely mortified! She's only about 5 months old and she fell and bonked her head on the laminate floor! I felt awful! I thought for sure this would be my last time ever babysitting for them ever, but I called her mom and told her exactly what happened and to my astonishment, she apologized to me for the boys being so bad! She wanted to make sure that I would still come back after the incident. And they over-payed me! They have a habit of doing that, I rather like it. . . BUt I CAN'T BELIEVE I LEFT HER ALONE Delainey's just fine now, no concusion or anything, she was still extremely attentive when I left. Actually she was laughing and playing with a plate when I left. . . I think she's going to be alright.

Now onto the blogs!

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(I love the cong for this one!!! ^_^)

This video goes out to all the jerks who think i walk funny. Tis not my fault I have the model walk because my posture is so much better than yours! All I have to say to you is you can walk behind me on my imaginary run-way and kiss my cute little tush!

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