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Thursday, April 6, 2006

Another average day. . .
Today was so boring. The weather was bleary, and I'm a very weather-affected person so I was in a poor mood.
This morning was pretty lame. My friend Harmony was teling Taylor 1 and i about a dream in which she had murdered her crush Danny, and he was lying on the cement bleeding. Okay, so later that afternoon I was hanging out in a big group of people: Carley 2, Taylor 1, Marc, Corey, Nick, Laura, Harmony, Faith and Stephanie. All of us went inside except for Nick and Danny was already outside. Next moment we see Danny lying passed out on the cement because Nick hip tossed him and he fell. Harmony just about had a heart attack because she thought her dream was coming true! She went in to hysterics and Danny would't talk to anyone unless he was dropping f-bombs or telling us to piss off. Luckily Harmony stopped crying by the end of lunch and Danny was semi-approachable.

To make up for today's lack of spntanaiety, I'll tell you what happened on Tuesday. Myself, Taylor 1, Carley 2, Marc, Matt, and Nick all went swimming. I got the two weirdest compliments of my life. Atleast I think they're compliments, they're just rather warped. Matt is gay and Carley 2 is a very close friend. Within minutes of each other, Matt saud that if he were a straight guy that he would do me on the spot and Carley followed up with that f she were a lesbian she would take me as her wife! The people I"m friends with. . . lol ^_^

Now onto the blogs!

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