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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Thanx guys for commenting on my last post and beleiving in me ^___^ *huggles youall*

I can already go on pionte but only for about a minute and a half -____- but OMFG! my mom said i can start ballet in May! YAY! *is very happy*
but before then i have to lose some weight. i mean,im not fat just a bit chubby (lol) im like 115-120 pounds,and like 60 percent of that is muscle lol but i have to become like 100 pounds. and that woont be very hard,i already walk two miles tto and from school every day,we run the mile once a week,i go for a walk every night,so all i really need to do is cut back on stuff that has fat in it =D lol

Karumi said that she'll take it with me but all of a sudden she doesnt want to,we're twins,we do EVERYTHING together so it kinda hurt me a little bit T~T SO i guess I'll do ballet buy my self oh well.


I just got back from my great gradnmother's 95th birthday party! sky sky (Karumi) was really sad and she was crying cuz my great grandma was saying how she didnt have very long to live so if ya know Karumi please PM her and make her feel better cuz she's feeling really down right now,thanx

Byes for now! *huggles you all*

Love Always,

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