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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

   Hey peoplez!
hi! Today was pretty ok i guess. omfg! ok during lunch Skyler (Karumi) spilt pizza suase on my friend Heather's shirt so she took my jacket and wore it with nothing under neathe it lol! and during Chior we were talking to our friend Brandon and he was wereing like 3 layers so he's like "oh,Heather you can wear one of my shirts" and she's like "are you sure brandon???" and he said it was ok so she changed really quick and wore his shirt home lol it was funny! and she told her mom about it and her mom said "oh,why dont you keep it under your pillow so you can smell him while you sleep!" and heather's like "MOM! he's gay!" lol it was soooo funny! lol

BUT OMFG! Brandon is soooooo adorable! if he wasnt gay i would totallly ask him out! well gotta go e-mail him now,laterz!

Love Always,

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