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Friday, November 28, 2008

New Artworks
Time of Post: 12:40PM

I've submitted a new sketch yesterday. I was so damn bored that I drew some decent stuff. Yes, finally, I think my hands are capable of drawing again. Just check my portfolio to view it.

*sigh* I miss my friends already. It's been almost a month since I last spent time with them. We were supposed to meet this afternoon to watch a movie but unfortunately I'm dead broke and I waited for my mother to come home for some money. Well, until now she hasn't come home yet, so I had to tell my friends that I'm not going anymore. :( I miss them so much.

And now I have no choice but to watch a movie with my siblings tonight. Haaaaaaaaahhh. I really, really wanna watch Twilight with my friends first. Heck, my siblings hadn't even read the books. I've tried to lend them my set but they just won't read them. :( I enjoy movies with my friends more than I do with my family.

I'm so unlucky today. *heavyheavyheavysigh*

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