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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Time of Post: 8:30AM

Guess what? It's already November 28 here. Yep. I bet some of you are probably snoring your heads off right now. :P

I haven't posted anything for uhh...2 days? I don't know. I must've forgotten to do so.


I've just finished reading Naruto 426, and damn, Konohamaru's in serious trouble. I hope Ebisu would find a way to get Konohamaru out of that. Urrgh, if only Danzo hadn't killed that messenger frog, Naruto'd be in Konoha now. I really hate that selfish old man. I WISH HE'D DIE DAMMIT!

Oh, joy. I hope Naruto finishes his toad training. Konoha needs him!


So yeah. There. By the way, I drew something out of boredom yesterday. Now all I have to do is to ink the whole thing and upload it here. :)

Waah I just got up from bed and my eyes are still sore from playing Patapon and Warriors Orochi all night until 3am. *dies from exhaustion* I still haven't charged my PSP, so it's dead empty right now. Which reminds me, I think I have to buy new batteries. XP

Question: Do you read shoujo manga?

'Til my next post,

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