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Sunday, January 13, 2008

**Ikyuu-Nyuu-Kon: Gah, damn right, I died again.

This time, really, I'm gonna get back to my past routine. Back to wallpapers, more vectoring, and more illustrations. I never had a tablet to work with, so I'm still stuck with my laptop and fucking mouse.

Oh yah, while I was gone, I busied myself with studies. I'll be submitting a piece with me dousing myself with schoolwork and a shitload of papers :lulz: soon.

I'm using foul languages. Sorry for that.

Well, I updated just to inform you that I'm ALIVE AND WELL. :P I just crept out from the pits of hell to reveal myself once more. :))

Ah damnit. I totally forgot everything about the new layout. :P I guess I have to start creating it while I still have the time, :D

Gahh, I need your help, guys! I kinda forgot how to remove some elements from the default myO theme(like, the sidebar, ads, etc...). Can you help me, please? Thanks for those who'd help! :D

That's all, bye! :)

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