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Thursday, February 2, 2006

   The Last Updated Hubs...
While everyone seems to like the 'featured fandom' section as much as I do (thanks!), a few have expressed sadness about the removal of the 'last updated hubs' module.

I just wanted to dedicate a quick blog post to explain my reasoning for cutting this section:

(1) You're one click away from seeing this list anyway. Just click "All Anime" in the left menu, we automatically sort our hubs by when they were last updated.

(2) We can't have both featured fandom and last updated--our main page would stretch too long!

(3) Lack of information. It doesn't really tell you what part of our site the updates came from.

Anyway, as mentioned in reason #1, just click "All Anime" in the left menu and you can see a better, expanded version of this list anyway :-).

BTW, I added a small link to the authors of each featured fandom. Nice touch, eh? I should probably add categories too, hm...

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