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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Second Chances
I signed up for a class a few months ago at my local gym.

After haggling with the manager, he finally offered me 15 classes for a price of $X. I did some quick spreadsheet calculations and was happy: "I could afford this!"

I asked him a number of times, over and over again, 15 classes for $x? He agreed over and over again, restating "15 for $x." I kept forcing him to state the offer just so that there would be no ambiguity or confusion.

You can guess what happened...

Three months later, I've gone through 10 classes. 5 more to go, right? Well...

Now the manager says he never offered 15 classes for $x. Instead, he claims there was some sort of "misunderstanding" and that I only purchased 10 classes. However, being the "nice guy" he is, he's giving me 2 free classes "free."

How lovely.

I'm not the type to yell or argue. Instead I accept the two classes, but despite all his pleading, tell him I will not renew my membership afterward, and then leave.

And it's a huge shame, because I really love the class and would have renewed. And since I'm already a member at this gym, I can't sign up for it somewhere else.

I trust people very, very easily. I always give them the benefit of the doubt when I first meet them. However, if that trust is broken, I've learned the hard way not to give second chances.

Has anyone actually given someone a second chance and been rewarded for it?

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