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Friday, January 27, 2006

   Moving Quickly
I like to move quickly; that's just my personality.

My philosophy on web stuff is get it out there as soon as you can, get it in front of people, and then adjust/improve if it takes off and kill it or work on something else if it doesn't.

If you've noticed, we launched a better submission system for our quiz site. It has fewer steps and is more bulletproof. I know our quiz approval rate will go up at least 20% with this.

However, the new system is hardly perfect. It still requires you to email us files and the look isn't terribly great.

But, you know, this entire update took only THREE days to complete and the differences are huge. Darn, that's fast.

Some large companies will try to all-knowingly guess what users want and take months to develop something, making what they believe is perfection.

The problem is the web isn't built for this kind of development. There's a zillion variables that are always changing, you can never have a "finished" product. Such thinking leads to a lot of wasted time and resources.

Build quickly, get it out the door, watch carefully, then improve/adapt constantly. Repeat.

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