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Monday, January 16, 2006

Ah, Now THAT'S Better
I was typing my blog entry for the evening and three thoughts quickly came to mind:

Thought #1: We don't give users enough space when they're typing their blog entries. It's too cramped.

Thought #2: I hate how in Firefox, the row of smiley faces is off-kilter.

Thought #3: I really dislike how the search for members at the top has a superfluous drop-down menu which has the text cut off at the end.

So rather than dwelling on this negativity, I logged into the server and fixed all three annoyances. I already love the extra room and the improved FireFox readability, so I know you will too.

While I'm much more familiar with the code in myOtaku than theOtaku (since I wrote a lot of the first build), I think it's the reason we've been having some speed issues.

Note: I took down the portfolio links temporarily to see how it affects speed across our network.

Anyway, on to my ACTUAL blog post. I just have a few notes:

(1) I'm thrilled that Art of Otaku has passed the 50% mark toward our goal of 500 sales. This is a great milestone. The next 250 are going to be TOUGH, to be honest, much tougher than the first, but we'll get there.

Also, two websites will be publishing their Art of Otaku reviews soon, so we'll see what "professionals" have to say..

(2) I'm really getting into the FireFly TV show. It's very well-written. Unique, quirky, fresh. I recommend it. Anyone fans here?

(3) Had a fun conversation with Justin tonight. Leaving out the network-related talks, he promised he'll start blogging when he gets his personal portfolio site online. Sweet!

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