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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Art of Otaku Theft!
I have to be light-hearted about this.

A few people found a small scripting error that allowed them to illegally download Art of Otaku.

All the people were from a site I had spent money to advertise on. How do I know this? I have very good tracking in place ^_^.

Needless to say, I fixed the scripting error and won't advertise there anymore.

However, I think I handled it well. I sent a polite email to all the people who had illegitimately downloaded Art of Otaku. There were 4 of them.

I took the blame for the scripting error and told them that they should consider formally purchasing Art of Otaku, if they liked what they saw.


Because I always remember people who invest in one of our productions. I try my best to do great things for them :).

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