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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Art of Otaku Milestone + New Referral Program
First, thanks to everyone for making 150 copies sold a reality. We're still quite a distance from the 500 we need, but 150 is a very nice number indeed.

As I said, volume is the BEST gift I can give to the artists who worked with me for so many months to bring this to fruition.

Right now they can put on their portfolios/resumes that they co-wrote a guide that sold 150 copies. Not too bad, but we can do better.

So here's one way we can do better.

Starting today, I'm putting together a referral program. If you have a website and refer a sale to Art of Otaku, we'll give you 50% of the sale price.

This is an unheard of amount, but again, I want to push volume. You can create your own banners/buttons for it, whatever.

Since we have an order tracking system in place, all you have to do is link to a certain URL and, if there's a sale, you're paid for it via PayPal.

There are more details, but drop me an email if you're seriously interested (just go to ArtOfOtaku.com for that).

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