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Thursday, August 12, 2004

   Ask Adam Mini
Hi, Adam. When I saw the foreshadowing you made about the direction that you want to take your network in, I felt obligated, by whatever force it is that apparently hates you, to email you about it. ^_^

I'm not about to go into whether I think I'll like what's about to happen or how you should run your websites, but just about how DANG ANNOYING it is when you make an update like that. If you've already made this decision, as you say you have, then why not tell us right off the bat instead of building up tension that will end up flooding your mailbox when you do lay your fierce hand of change upon these sites? It may be fun to taunt us in the short run, but it can just end up with everybody grumpier than they should be. Have a heart, Adam.


Don't worry, I'm hardly a sadist.

The truth is, anytime we develop a new version of anything, we'll end up mixing and matching and changing until the very last second.

Then we'll launch.

That's why I never like to talk about what we're doing until it's done--because I'd hate to have to make multiple posts contradicting older ones and confusing readers.

I don't like to flip-flop. (Except on release dates ^_^.)

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