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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

So I'm liking Version Vibrant. A lot. In fact, I just set up a World. I think I'm probably going to move my base of operations over there, since it seems nice. I'll still stop by from time to time and post, but you may as well just head over there if you want to see any more of me (who would, though?)

Here's the site:

Ace's Hub of Oddities



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Thursday, February 14, 2008

It lives!
That went quicker than I expected. Yes, Lappy has risen again. I am pretty happy about this, so free ice cream for the next 3 seconds!

Too late!

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Feeling SUPAAAAAA!?!?!?!?!? (or Ace's Triumph! Reviews at Last!)
Hahaha, not particularly, right? Well, Lappy's officially dead. I took it into Best Buy and they have to give me a new hard drive. Lucky I got that service plan, huh? Free repairs! Too bad I don't get to see it for another 2 weeks.

Anyway, I finished Savers the other day, so as I promised, Reviews for all 5 seasons of Digimon. Please note that the first 3 reviews are mainly of the Saban dub. Savers and Tamers I watched subbed. And yes, MAJOR SPOILERS from here on in.

Season 1 (Adventure 01):
Like most, I got hooked right from the start. Great music (slightly marred in the dub by bad timing,) great story and a likeable cast of characters. The villains were great and the teamwork was excellent. There's only one reason I can't give this one a full 5 which will be explained later.
Score: 4.5/5
Highlight: Agumon and Gabumon's Mega forms (these become even more awesome in the 2nd TV length movie) and Sora, who is one of the best female protagonists ever.
Problems: After Myotismon, the villains seemed to fall short of the bar he set (Apocalymon especially seemed more annoying than menacing.) Also VenomMyotismon seemed... suggestive in a way.
Best pair: Agumon and Tai were my favorites this round.

Season 2 (Adventure 02):
Possibly the worst. I still like it, but this one had the most problems. Davis was annoying, there were too many plotholes and the finale, quite frankly, sucked. It had its moments, though.
Score: 3/5
Highlight:DNA Digivolution (Jogress) was pretty cool, as was Young Gennai.
Problems: Were to start? An entire subplot was never completed, Davis was very annoying at many points, Plotholes allowed many Digimon to go beyond set limits multiple times and MaloMyotismon, the final villain and one of my favorite show characters from the first season, was beaten down by the aspirations of young children after a short and disappointing fight scene.
Best Pair: Ken and Wormmon were awesome after Ken stopped being such a jerk.

Season 3 (Tamers):
Remember how I said there was only one thing keeping me from giving Adventure 01 a full score? The thing I was referring to was the fact that Adventure 01 is not Tamers. Tamers, how do I love thee? Let me county the ways... wait, I can't count that high. Great characters, incredible story, hardly a moment that feels like filler, Bio-immersion, emotion, everything was done right. They even found a way to half-parody Evangelion and make it awesome.
Score: 5/5
Highlights: D-Reaper was amazing as a final enemy that wasn't even a Digimon, epic emotion was handled epically in Leomon's death scene and the Megidramon scene (Takato loses control and pushes Guilmon to evolve into a monster in every sense of the word and then truly regrets his foolishness. Waaaay better than the SkullGreymon thing in A01.)
Problems: Card usage. The beginning of the season felt really toyetic.
Best Pair: Takato and Guilmon, because Gallantmon ROXS.

Season 4 (Frontier):
Let me start of with this: this season has the best opening EVER. It's kind of funny because this is the season where Saban went out of business and Disney took over they changed the American theme to something less annoying than the chant/rap of the previous 3 seasons, but it still paled in comparison to the original theme song of Frontier. Anyway, not as bad as 02, but not as good as 01 or Tamers. They dragged along 2 totally useless lumps the whole way and Tomoki was pretty annoying at times.
Score: 4/5
Highlights: Patamon's back! Also, The spirit fusions were kind of cool and Lucemon could almost rival Myotismon in awesome. Great finale, too.
Problems: Tomoki's annoying, the dub is total pun-filled crap, They lose too often near the end and WHY, OH WHY WON'T ANYONE KILL NEEMON ALREADY!?
Best Pair: That's just it, there's no pairs. The kids turn INTO Digimon. It seemed cool at first but slowly degenerated into lame gimmick. half of the teamwork aspect went out the window, but... Takuya/Agnimon was pretty cool.

Season 5 (Savers):
I had low expectations for this. After all, it was made YEARS after Frontier. The art is different, the characters are older than the previous protagonists by about 6 years and the main character doesn't even wear goggles. I was mildly impressed. It was still better than 02. The humor was still there, the character depth was still there, heck, they even had a new Ken!
Score: 4/5
Highlights: Burst Mode, Agumon living with Masaru's family as if nothing is strange about it.
Problems: Apparent dominant atheist themes near the end (Don't put a sermon in my Anime, thanks.) another crappy finale brought to you by an overpowered rookie and their stupid digisoul Deus Ex Machina, and the fact that Toei refused to let the Digimon evolve like they did in the first few seasons (Drimogemon does NOT turn into Digmon.)
Best Pair: Move aside, Agumon. I had enough of you in the first 2 seasons. No, this round goes to Touma and Gaomon.

There it is. I'm done. Hope to hear from you all soon!


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