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Monday, August 22, 2005

   Our Love is Complicated!
Yeah Our love is complicated! His name is Jared. His birthday as you know is August 21st and mine is August 1st so I am 20 days older than him! Whoo! When I was in 6th grade he went out with one of my friends and then broke up with her without telling her why. Well her news reached me before his did. He asked me out. I said no. I was like 'How dare he brake up with one of my frineds, brake he heart (1st boyfrined), then ask me out! Not until later did I realize he boroke up with her to go out with me! Sweet yeah I know. But then I had my pride and felt like I was giving in if I said yes. So He's asked me out like 7 times already and I've always said no. I think He might have stopped asking too! O.o!
Well If you didn't know us you'd think we were going out, last year our class went to the library to watch a movie and we held hands the whole time. So yeah about that time people started asking if we were going out and then you say no they're like 'Huh?!' but oh well. lol. Yeah and we went to a party together Friday, and had a blast we were all over each other! I kept trying to steal his wallet and grabbing his booty in the process (lol), then he stole my cell phone and stuck it in his fount pant pocket so I had to get it and all. But It was fun. and then his sister and him drove me home and some other guy too. He sat up front with Jared's sis and we sat in the back. We held hands the whole time and then a little later on he tried to kiss me! I didn't know what he was doing (I swear I thought he was gonna lick me or something!) So I turned my head away and then later I felt so bad when I realized he was trying to kiss me! I feel really bad. I know I problably didn't want him to kiss me anyway but still the way I turned away makes me feel bad. I'll have to invite him to the movies with me to make it up or something. Well he's not mad at me because we were talking today and everything so we'll never speak of it again. I feel bad, and he's probably embarassed. I feel really bad...Oops! Well we're not going out. lol. Well if I'm in the right mood and he has the balls to ask me again I'm pretty sure I'll say yeah. He's not really a bad guy. He does Dip but I can get over that. As long as I can't taste it if (when) we kiss or anything.
Well speaking of kissing here are some cute pics! Thanks for listening!!

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