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Friday, January 27, 2006

hey all. so... yeah. not a whole lot's been happening. my co-workers/bosses have some come to hate me. i really don't know how, but they do. they've said i'm lazy, a bad worker, always late, in need of "baby-sitting, along with some other off the wall things. while i do tend to be late sometimes, it's never more then 5 mintues and it is by no means every time. i don't know. i still get to work so i guess that's a plus although i have taken a major cut in hours.
my car is FIXABLE... i think. lol, it looks like me and princessdagger can pool together some money and cover the parts. it's not to much. hopefully we'll be able to get it done by next week because this weekend fell apart. well, that's it. i hope things will start looking up. being broke, being work-blacklisted, being busy... it all suck. lol, but it'll be fine. i just gotta live through

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