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Saturday, January 7, 2006

sorry i haven't been around much, things have been a little crazy. school is starting next week but that's the least of my worries. i guess i just have to many debts at the moment. it wouldn't be to bad if i was able to work over break but i didn't have any oppertunity and my work closed down for like 2 weeks. so that means two weeks of zero income. i've been trying to get a second job to cover the debts and maybe even have a little extra money to work with, but i haven't been called back yet. i'm hoping things will start looking up. i get a pay check on tuesday and that'll help hold off the bills until i can get settled into school and work. i hope things get easier by summer. i'll be able to work and save up for school and i won't have to worry about anything but work. that sounds really nice... well, it's still 5 months away so i'll have to survive. ^_^ i'll make it work, somehow.
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Friday, December 30, 2005

just for all who commented on my last post, thank you. i know it's "memoris of a geisha" but i could figure out how to spell "memoris" for the life of me. i don't even know if this is how you spell it but you guys seem to know so i'll trust your spelling. ^_^ and the chinese actress didn't hurt the story to much, only people who really know what they're looking for will even notice the difference. i did, but that's not really important.
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so i'm back, and there's not much to do. work's closed down until the school opens up again in january, i can't get into the music building to practice, and there's not to many people around to hang out with so i mostly sit in the apartment and do nothing or hang around with princessdagger. we just got back from seeing a movie. the geisha one, but i can't remeber how to spell it >.< it was good, but she'd read the book so i guess it doesn't stick very close to the original story. i thought it was good. so the internets lagging and i'm going to play FF XIII or something... ja mate ne!
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Saturday, December 24, 2005

i'm at home, there's only dialup, i'm bored, and i need money... >.< not really much to report. a few fights with the folks, missing the girl friend, loving the sisters dog (sibrian husky, i love that dog!!), mostly doing nothing... ok, i'm gonna go now because i'm talking to pincessdagger on the phone. so, ok then. merry christmas everyone!
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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

gackt rocks!! his new album blows me away. prinsessdagger got it for me for christmas, as well as the advent children's cloud ring! it's totally kick a**!! her mom also got me the worlds coolest beach towel. it's a black towel with a police chalk body outline on it! it's so frekn amazing! i have the worlds coolest girlfriend and she has the worlds second coolest mom (my mom the first coolest of course!) i swear i'm going to marry that girl... ^_^
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Monday, December 19, 2005

i am really sorry that i haven't been around in the last few weeks. they have been crazy! finals, drivers test (that i did pass just to let you know), work, family stuff, sister getting engaged, christmas stuff, and other things i can't think of because the last few weeks have been a blank. now that school is out my brain is starting to recover and i can think again. things are going well enough i guess. i need to get my car stuff taken care of in like 5 days or less. insurance, regisration, deed of title, all that good stuff. so i am at work and don't have anything else to talk about. i'll talk to you guys soon hopefully! ja mate ne!
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Sunday, December 4, 2005

it's kinda a weird feeling being on the outside of the group you once were the center of, knowing they all hate you, and trying to help them.of course, i'm talking about my old friends. they've gone off and acted stupid again, they might have talked there way out of major trouble, but that doesn't mean the issue is resolved. in fact, i know it isn't but there's nothing i can do about it. they won't listen to me and they think that somehow i'm less rightous then them so they don't have to listen to anything i say. they are wrong of course but there's noone in the world that can prove that to them. oh well, i'll have to get used to being in this position. maybe they'll get hit by a ton of brick and magicly grow up over night. then again....
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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

whew... i've got to keep up with this place better. ok, so it's been a long week. with thanksgiving, home work, work (or lack there of), other school stuff... i'm already swamped. then i get into this crash on a moter scooter and i have to go the doctors to get stiches in, then checked out, then removed... it's really eating up my time. time that i should be doing other things. oh, you might be wondering about how i crashed on a scooter. well, me and a friend were rideing double on one, then we took a turn to wide and veered into a parking area and hit a parking block. of course, we crashed but he fell hard and hurt/broke his tail bone and i busted my chin open.
ok, that's all that there is to that story. now i just want to shout a little about how much stuff i need to do and what little time to do it in.
today i get up at 6:20 so i can get ready and be at work by 7. after doing 3 hours worth of room prep in 1 hour, i get to sit in the office and do nothing for another hour. then i'll head to music lab. i hope it'll be cut short so i'll have at least a 30 minute break to practice because right after that i have bass lesson. then right after that i have conducting, which i also haven't praticed for. then i have to go to an interview to see if i'm going to Japan next summer (cross your fingers! it's really all about getting the money -_-;) after that i'll run to choir for a few hours then head up to a practice room because i'll have an audition in an hour for a broadway musicial review. after that is all done, i'll probably eat and hang out for a little, but then after princessdagger leave, i got to go back to the music buliding to practice for my make up piano lesson. once they kick me out of there, i'll head home, but not to sleep. to build wires for chapel. why? because my time card had so few hours on it this week, i'll do anything, anytime to get some hours! so i won't sleep tonight, but instead i'll work strait up until i have to go to work to set up chapel tomorrow... i hate this. i also have a 6 page exam comeing up and a ten page research paper due soon. when will it end?

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Monday, November 21, 2005

please forgive me for not getting around the last few times i've updated, or this time for that matter. i don't have a lot of time to do this sorta thing that often anymore and i really just don't feel up to it right now *^_^*
well, i'm only here to say that it's mine and princessdagger's 1 year anniversary! (throws confetti and blows a small horn) everyone be happy for us! ok, that's it. not going to say anything else. it's all over. no more. the end. bye-bye. ^_^

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Friday, November 18, 2005

>.< got back from mini tour, and i am now as sick as i've ever been... i got a cold from princessdagger right before i left, and then i pushed myself to much during the tour and really made it far worse. now life sucks... well, at least for now. it wouldn't be so bad if i hadn't already missed half a week of classes because of tour, but now i have to force myself to get out of bed and go to class even though it's probably making it worse.... i need sleep.
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