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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

   e-Card Still in Progress

Well, duh, I was busy completing assignments, but not even a heavy pile of laundry is going to stop the revealing of the...


Today's signature maneuver is...


Basicially, the triangle choke hold is a form of choke or submission that impairs the flow of blood or oxygen to the brain. It closely resembles a headlock except three times as effective. This submission is prone to fighters who master the art/discipline of grappling (Ju-jistu, judo, etc).

In the pic above, the fighter clutches the opponent w/ a rubber guard (wrapping the opponent's body w/ his legs) as he is twisting the arm back. If you watch closely, the rubber guard affects the opponent's respiratory status, making it difficult for any sign of air circulating into the brain. In this way, along w/ the fighter wrenching his through the duration of applying this submission, the opponent is forced to fall into an unconscious state or submit to the hold. Is that explanatory for you?

***As always, leave these type of maneuvers to the professionals. Just a remainder.***

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