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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

   Keep your eyes peeled...

...for it is time for the...


This week's manuever is:


Hey, where did this come from?

*sighs* That's more like it. That Super Kick.

One of my favorite manuever of all time, generally because it is quite unexpected and underappreciated. Before one realizes it, he/she finds him/herself on the floor after two-three minutes.

First, the fighter/wrestler eyes on his/her opponent, measures the distance between the opponent and assumes position. Once the opponent is either recuperating or is caught off guard, the fighter approaches the opposer and thrusts his/her foot right onto the opponents throat or jaw, eventually delivering immense damage upon the opposer.

More pics:

Consider this target practice.

Ooh, she felt the wrong end of that one!

And that is where we stand, folks!

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