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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

It's been a while
I got so caught up in school stuff and I'm working on a story for my own amusement. *scratches head* well, This is all that happened to me since I pretty much entered the school:
I went to that homecoming thing and had a kickin time.
I about got my ass kicked by some people that can throw me easily in my Journalism class.
I was Misa Misa for Halloween and all I had to do was wear pigtails.
I got Sims 2 for the PC and I suck at it.
I met a LOOOOOOOOOTTTTTT of new people good ways and bad. I have this one friend named Dylan and he's so fuckinn skinnee and tall and gay that he's too amazing to function. We always call him "Tall skinny Gay-Ass." He's going back to Idaho though so we won't see his Tall Skinny Gay Ass anymore.
Me and that kid I told you about that invited me to Homecoming, we've been about going out for 3 months now. My best friend "Moses," has been going out off and on crazily with this guy that looks about 20, but is in our Freshman year. I hug him.
Ok. About this Chris Crocker guy. He's crazy, he's cute, and I love him. Not litteraly, but he's someone I admire now. I think what he says has major flaws, but the fact that he lets his thoughts out through the way he does, it's bold and admiring so, yeah. People should LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE NOW....
My God, I love you guys. I miss you guys. Whenever I read posts on your guys' sites, I can realate to your problems and see what life's like in different schools because everyone acts like children in my school. Honestly, you're either sweet child, rapist, or switchy sidey a little bit o both. My school's sick. It's crazy and nuts. My last hour teacher makes dirty jokes and me and 2 other guys laugh only. There's always a food fight in lunch, we blast music on the computers in the morning. My 1st hour, we got to watch Lord Of The Rings and we played M*A*S*H and Mad Libs for a grade.
I've had some crazy dreams lately. Some involving me finding out the secret with Toys R Us and their scheme to turn everyone to salmon and cut their heads off while I calmly and smoothly explain to a crowd around christmas when there's no toys and only lawn supplies in the store and break a window, then run to Walmart to run from a friend from DDR and a guy in a Hallowween costume while me and my half cat half human friend run for our blonde lives....to... the one I had last night where I was kissing the neighbor boy and his mom came in his room and chased me off with a spatula. I could write a book on my dreams. Oh, did I tell you the one where me and 6 other people were sitting in a half regal, half party room and 1 of the 6 people was Jack Nicholson? Yeah, Jack looked sad and I didn't know what to do so I got naked and covered myself in honey. Jack Nicholson, shocked, went crazay and turned into a malovent tree demon and tried to bite my honey dipped finger off. I escaped his clutches by running and hiding in the Sims Love Tub.
Ah, yeah. I have a new favorite band. It started out with Bitches, then I Hate Jimmy Page. I'm in head over heels lust with Mindless Self Indulgence. It's really...straight and stupid how everyone thinks I love scream-o and shit. To be precise, only Moses can decipher that stuff and though I like a few Dir En Grey songs, I'm really a bit of a hodge podge. Sex rap. 8o's Music. Hard Rock. Punk. Euro Pop. J Rock. Small tinge of Scream-o. I like so much honestly. One time, in the morning on a school's computer (I supply my own headphones,) I took my .phones out and blared up "Barney and Friends." It really is a good song except for the fact sticky children like it. It's cute. I memorized that song by heart and thoguh it's a song you think everyone can sing, it is NOT THAT EASY.
Just for those who didn't know, I was crushed when I found out Steve Burns (From Blues Clues, not annoying Joe,) died of drug overdose. Colledge my ass...... *heartthrob cry*
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Anyone know JTHM?
I'm tired. My sleeping time is around 4:30 pm to 5:00 am or 11:30 pm to 4:50 am. Stupid time. It goes too fast for me.
~A Non-follower~

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