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Friday, September 7, 2007

Lifes Crossing and the Beginning of one Gay Journey....
I'm beginning a journey; a very gay journey. The journey is High School. I started it on Tuesday and have been in it for four days. I brought my imaginary friend to school with me. LOLZ, he's real, you just can't see him. Soooo...... a lot of my classes suck and blow. I hate journalism and algebra the most. I don't know how I fucked that up already but I'm failing algebraI the first week. My favorite classes are World History and English. I do like science a tiny bit too. My friend Jack's in that class with me. It was funny because on the first day in that class, I was all like, "ZOMG Jack. Our teacher's howt." I said it really manly or like ....d00d. He's like, "But she's a girl..." "Yeah," I said. "A really howt girl!" Her name is Mrs. Kocsis and she doesn't look a day over 18. she's cute, but it'd never work out. LOl, it's fine anyway. But yes, I also like English. I mean, the teacher's nice and her name is Mrs. Wunder. It's funny because usually teachers with a last name like Mr. Best or something (I knew a Mr. Best,) they have a nice last name, but they're real dicks. She's not like that. She likes it when kids are hyper in her class- how odd. Oh, yeah, me and Jack have that class together too. I met a guy named Tyler in that class. He's really EMMMMOOOOO. He likes being called that I guess. Emo is no longer an insult here. But he sits right behind me and never stops talking. I talk to him though, and Jack does too. He likes to insult people: and me. When we were doing the remembering name game which took two days because we all have the attention spand of goldfishes and the memory of a cabbage, it took us two painful days to get it down like clowns. Tyler was yelling, "This class has A.D.D leaking out the ears!" I whispered, "D00d, I bet everyone in this class wants to kick you in the balls. You gotta be careful." He's kinda dumb and he doesn't do work for the helluvit. He makes me look like an honor role student and I'm a fuckin slow person. (Not retearded though, just a slwo reactor and rememberer and unmotivated. Don't mix it up.) Now, to World History. Me and Courtney are in that class, my only other friend from old school. She sits across the room from me so we make hand gestures and really bad sign language and funny faces to speak to one another. We make the teaher laugh a lot but we don't know why. Everytime I look at the teacher for that class I think to myself, "...And Grizzly Adams did have a beard." So, well, two White Pines guys site next to me, and White Pines was the other middle school. One's name was Dylan and the other's name was Tyler as well. The first day we did the name game and I was really entergetic and I spoke outta turn a lots. It's annoying how whenever I talk to the W.P Tyler kid, I can't recall anything we talk about. I forget most of our conversation. I met him in the lunch hall on my way out of lunch too. He said my name and hi. "How do you know my name?!?" "We go to the same History class. I sit right next to you." "We do?" "Yesssss." "Oh, well, uhh.... what's your name?" "I told you 3 times already, it's Tyler." "Ohhh..... uhh..... wana be friends?" "You already asked me that yesterday and I said yes." "Oh, uh... uh... we did? Oh, cool we're friends." "........Yeah." That was our first conversation....I think. I'm not sure, I don't remember. The next day we randomly got teamed up as partners in that class. We started talking about our interests and he's the exact opposite of me. In fact, he's a boy and I'm a girl, that's pretty opposite. So, we just like, talked through paper like notewise whatever. I told him that he wasn't ugly out of the blue. It was random and he only said, I get that a lot. I accidently took his pencil so I had to find him in the halls but we always run into eachother so it was easy. I wrote "WHERE MY GAYS AT," on the paper we were using. Oh, so on Thursday, we talk again through notebook passing it back and forth. As he was writing I was just kind of thinking, "I bet he'd be the only one I'd ever go out with in our grade. He has a nice smile. He's like, the only cute one." I shrugged. We wrote about the classes we were taking. He noticed I was in a bad mood and hiding it that day and knew I was so I was all like, "Oh, yeah, you caught me, I'm sad." (It was for dramatic reasons.) But then I asked him if he liked this class. He wrote he liked it because he got to talk to me. Then I wrote I like talking to him too. Then.... he asked me if I went to dances. (Hell no. What would I do there?) I wrote "Maaaaaayyyybeeeee..." Then he asked me if I'd go to homecoming with him. And I only known the guy for 3 dayyyyyyysssssss!!!! I said no way am I going to say no to him. (the only problem is I'm a dorkus and I didn't know what homecoming was. I had to ask everyone everything I could.) I got kinda scared because it was kinda too good to be true, and I'm really paranoid and skeptic. I thought he was just going to play a prank on me so I started to feel bad. I mean, because this guy is really nice but I didn't know he was half as popular as he is. (It's silly because he asks me everyday if I know his name. It took me 3 days to get it all square.) I had to ask him if he really wanted to go with me, just to make sure, (because he did comment on me wearing 2 different socks. *suspiscious*.) He said, if he didn't like me, he wouldn't have asked. As soon as I got into school today, we ran into each other and we sat outside his class and talked. A huge amount of people would walk over to him and talk and say hi, (lot of girls.) (holy crap how does he keep this many friends. I don't even know half my friends' names.) Today I was wearing a school girl tripp Hot topic dress with distracting socks and black boots. The dress came with a cute littele tie. it had no sleeves and the back was really low so you could see my bra- which I fixed up putting my Gir Jacket on. I showed him the back of it for no reason and he said, "That is low." He took a picture of me with his phone. I diiisssppissssseee getting meee photo tookens so I was looking away and down and fidgeting and other random daloohhah. He said he wanted a picture of me, but he got one in the end. Yeah, I really like this guy. He's nice cute and popular, and I'm wierd, unorthidox, and known with friends I can't name. *Happy face* I'll tell you how long this works out. One last thing. I was waiting for my friends at our lunch wierd shaped table in the back away from all teeh peoples, and he came over and sat with me. It was just me and him. We taked, I did one of those stares you call, "You-got-a-nice-face-and-complexion-and-I-really-really-really-really-like-you stare. A friend o his came over and said over and oooovvveeerr..... "You 2 are going to go to homecoming together you 2 are-" He finally pushed him. (thank god, he never shuts up. Wait, I don't know that guy.) He left and it was me and him again. He said he had to go to another table soon because my friends scare him deeply. He left soon after saying that and Kateri, Taylor and the others came like a calm heard of ADHD buffalo. "He sat with me for a few." I said. "He had to go because you guys are so wierd you scare him. But not me." "WTF???? You're the wierdest one of us all- he should be afraid of you!!!" I chuckled, "You guys are sooooooo wierd." I was just bein funny. But yes. I am one wierd MO JESTER. MO JESTER: MO jess tOr; (pn,)Mo Jester (vb,) Mo Jestered (vb2,) Mo Jestering. Def: One who likes and wears clothes of jesters or mimes and pretends to hit on and rape friend Kateri. "Kuh tEEr rE" ................................lol..........? This iz a No-follower, wishing you all a no so frutyliscious year you Danimals kids, signing off. I'll get to life crossing tomarrow. I'm tired.
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