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Friday, August 24, 2007

I haven't been on Otaku in a month. I need to sum it up.
My step sister visited dad's. It was cool. We're wierd.
Uhmmm..... I made 3 new friends, can't tell anymore to you all about it.
Me and my special person broke up. We're both relieved now. I'm not gunna grow attached to anymore guys unless they're dead.
I finished my pokemon game, the Diamond one.
I found a shiny graveler....O_O and caught it with a fast ball- no use selfdestructie, I kinda wish I could give it to GB Fiend because her story still gets to me.
Ahmmmummmmmhummm... I know what I want to do with my life. I want to drop out at 16 and live with my step sis and go to california, the palce where potental is found and Michael Jackson once was. I wana be a model. Not the Skinny dying ones. I want to just be like, a punk model. My step sis said I can't tell you guys what she wants to be, it's a secret. I only got 2 more years til I leave mich.
Oh, my step sis is like lovin Good Charlotte, and she keeps waving this, "Billy Martin" d00d in my face. I like 1 song from them. 1 song. I read most of the comments of the video and most ppl said they hate Good Charlotte but this song is rlly nice. Is niiiice. And 1 girl said she'd fuck Billy Martin in an instant. O-ok. But who the hell is this singer d00d? Apparnely he's more famouser than Billy d00d and his brother's only in the band cuz he is. Who the fuck is the lead singer- and why do I care- I don't. Never mind.
Oh, went clothes shopping--- Bought this oober droolover Marilyn Manson shirt. I love that guy.
My cousin Julie who I said was pregnant 2 months ago, her baby died in her. Her father died too. But he wasn't in her, he just died. No one has it worse than her. I wana know how things are gunna get better for that poor chick.
I can't wait to die.
Just for the count how many o you are guna pass on?
I wana be around til the world ends with some special guy. I wana find my step sister too, though she's my human slave, she's my #1. =P
I don't recall whatthehellsies I did besides any of that stuff, but school's starting and my school pictures look like shit and so do all the girls @ my new highschool with brown straightened long prep hair clnoes with hollister boys and posing emoes. Even though I'm a highschooler now, the walls still reek of little children. Fucking immiture hormonicly unstable american brats. (aware is american. My school's not very divers for some reason.) Usually I hate summer break but all the subjects I need to take, have NOOOOOOOOO use for my future.
Last thing. I finally cleaned my room. I lost a shirt too.
I did also get Death Note #7. L died. 9_9 I didn't cry though.
Oooh ooh. I also had a tea party with my step sister. Wit htea, and bears and sweets outside. It was nice but then it rained. I couldn't sacrifice getting the bears wet.
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Ehhhh...... teenages scare the living shit out of me.

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