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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Here iz my pet. . .
I dunah, I found him, and he sept lonely. Tell em if you can cheer him up.

For some reason he is not here. Figures. Everythnig leaves me.
9_9 I can't wait til the weekend iz done, after that ,the week. Then the weekend again.
~A Non-follower~

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........Possum Kingdom.
I'm maknig this short and sweet.

The 23rd was Sasuke's b-day, and mine. This time, mummy didn't forget about it. She had a suprise planned for me, but I guessed it and prayed before I was buckled in the Vroom Machine "Please Lord Have Mercy Don't Let it Be There." It was there. Mum wanted to get a pedicure w/ meh for my birthday. If anyone touches me or my double jointed toes, I'll back them up against a wall with a-... I'll probably, just say "NOOOOOOOOOOOO," Real firm so the person can get my drift.
Mum bought me a manga (I picked outtith,) so I could just sit there and wait. BOUGHT DEATH NOTE VOL 1 YEAYH! While I was reading, the chinese ladies kept saying, "Y u no want pedicure?" "It feel good." and other stuff. "No. No. No." So I didn't. Then We picked up my love. Apparently his family thought I was throwing a party so they kept calling us days before to try to put that through their understanding process. I just wanted him to be there.
I got tons o munnie$ from other side of family. I can buy the DS on my own now, but mum has t oactually take the lead out of and become unlazt to bring me to a place to buy the Ds just for a few. Eh, next post I won't have it I betcha. ~.!
Yessirsandmaddums. I'm gonig to splurge on the whoel DeaTh NoTe stuff. It's gunna be fun because.... ok... I'm losing thought, next topic.
This one is labeled: "Possum Kingdom."

-._.*-._.-*._.-*._ Glittery oo0o0o0o...
Well, it took me 3 months to figure out there is no "Be My Angel" by 311. I found out it's "Possum Kingdom" by Toadies. And to top off frusteration, I found a video of the song on DeaTh NoTe, and I didn't read the WARNING SPOILER!!! ...part. I looekd away quickly, but I still feel crummy in my heart.
Last thing;
My person and I had a terrible fight. I don't think he loves me anymore but that's my girl instincts talking. I don't like to be too girl or too boy. I prefer genderless. But if he doesn't like me anymore, then the list of people I love and care about narrows down to 1. I don't want that.
Well, I love you all too, and family I suppose,
but there's always THOSE people.
THSE people you are proud to call THOSE people.
They. Are the special people.
Think about your special person for a moment.
LOVE YOU SPECIAL PEOPLE! !! !!! !!!! !!!!!
~A Non-follower~

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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Sasuke uses Thunderbolt.

I ai hadaka wampaku ne-mo sei. ^_^ (shite for those who can comprehend.^^;) Ah, juyo janai.
this iz A Non-follower,
signing off.

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Friday, July 13, 2007

*You open teh newspaper to my identity* oooOoooooOO... how personal!
1. Your Power Doesn't Work Here Anymore
2. Power Trading-------- Fucking Slowbro
3. Jay vs Sims 2 & Okami
4. Channel 9407
5.Peanut Butter
6. Channel 6020
7. Now my Dreams are Fucking With Me
8. Holy Porno!
9. What Irony- yet sad and pathetic too
1. -Your Power Doesn't Work Here Anymore.-._.-._

Remember whe I said I was afraid of Freddy Kruger 2 weeks ago? Not anymore. What a fucker! If you ever become afraid of this baby killer, watch Freddy's Dead, The Final Nightmare. -_- OMG. Lamest. Movie. Ever. -_- Well, yeah. That just kills the spirit. Well, he dies in it, yeah, it's a true giveaway, but just- the actors were like Hotel Erotica actors. (yeah, seen the Hotel Erotica actors. They're on like.. max at night, but that's the kinda naked lady crap not even I could like.) The people were like... *says so boredly* "Oh, wait, no, he's right.... behind....you? Oh, that's not you... it's me. Oh. Well, I'm going to fall over and die.. riiiight, now. I'm getting paid for this shitty movie and you aren't so watc me. Are you watching?" You get it. Also, everytime Freddy did something to hurt someone, he'd say something from an old movie that was a real hit, or it was one that no one knew. It's liek he was trying to make a punch line for all the kiddies out there. No kids would watchh this shit. Why did I even watch it? Like they all say, 1,624,009 channels and all shit. 2 of them work. A Hawh hawh! -________< So yeah, take my advice if you want to hate Nightmare on Elm St. series your spirit and all respect for the film will get shot.
And die.

2. -Power Trading--------- Fucking Slowbro._.-._

*smacks face* Gowd, that FUCKING SLOWBRO!!!!!
*Prolouge*: If there's a Pookie Man hat drives me to pulling my hair out and using that to make a noose just for me, I use the work "Fucking" in front of the name. Like example, "That Fucking Totadile" from Pookie Man 2nd gaming series. I hated going up against that Jackass rivals' Totadile sooooo much in the beginning!!!! But yes. This is where our story begins.
My step sister got the alshimers or whatever makes you forget like a 999 yr old, and rememebered to bring the game cords. I love trading Pookie Man. It's like, giving a little monster and their story of abuse to someone a may actually care about-or not, with my heart oozing ink and liquids from under the sink. But, well, we did a billion trades w/ my Emerald & Ruby and Jessica's (step sister) Lf Green & Emerald. She's so generous to me. I'm one of the people who hates to get ripped off but if I held on to some crappy Pocky Moons, (says anything but the true name,) then she'd give me half way decent to anything I want. 1 thing about me is I hate legendaries. She kept giving me all kinds of them so I put them in a box never to use them again, but yes, anyways. If you ever heard that u couldn't get shinies in Emerald. You are so the fuck wrong. Get out of here. ^^; Not litterly though. You just heard from the majority, not from real eyes. My step sister always has luck with teh shinies it seems. In fact, maybe becase of sympoty, she gave me an untrained, lvl 19 Mightyena shiny because she has 2 of them. Lucky bitch. Ok, she's not a bitch, but she's got luck coming out of her asss like a rainbow. Put a pot of gold at the end, ooh, add a leprichaun with it and a unicorn and that's her. Well, yeah. I got a sympothy shiny. It makes me feel bad though when I look at it. If we ever meet GB fiend, I want you to have it. You deserve it more than me because your fucking graveler story makes me want to break a beer bottle over a table and start yelling random shit, like drunkards do. Because, honestly, that's unluck to a T. I hope you know you are unlucky person. But what makes you think I'd hate you becuae of that? Know what I'm saying? I'm unlucky to a T... shirt factory, and all they make are shirts in white with the black letters U-N-L-U-C-K-Y embedded on them. But yes. I really wanted a Slowking though on the game so Jessica was willing to go off into the wild and catch me a Slowbro and give it her own king's rock from inventory. I was touched, but the little fucker didn't evolve when we traded. So we traded back... again and again and again and... again. Nothing happened. (and I really wanted a slowbro names Sir Celtic. Ruler of Elves, and Slow People. Cuz he's teh Slow King *nudge nudge* get my drift?). A few days later, I go onto Serebii for my Pooky 411, and I end up getting late news that you need a slowpoke not to evolve, then you give it the cunt-blasted-fuck-shitted-hella-basten-bitched-ho-hooker-he ho-hoola hoop king's rock. (as you can see, I love slowkings.) (I love them dear, like the only soup I like.) So yeah. -_- That is one, fucking Slowbro.

3. -Jay vs Sims 2 & Okami.-._.-._.-._.-._.-

Found Sims 2 cheats on the internet. That's how it starts. My cousin James came over so I could watch him. He says: "Hey, put in your Sims 2 and make 1 of you and 1 of your boyfriend, Phillip." "How teh hell you know about him?" I said with no heart. Apparently, my aunt told. *1st grade*: Tattle-tale. Well, so I did that. I had to make the Sims as accurately as I could because that's how you have to do it if yer guna make yourself on there- cuz its YOU. Y. O. U. So, yes. I hate making boys on the game so Phil looked like a homeless slob-(poor guy) and I looked... like a Sim you could say. So, I made their house...wait, did I already tell about this? XD I don't remember , tell me if I did. But to sum it up, James says: "Now buy a double bed and make them have sex!" =[]!!!! "James! I didn't know you were like that!!! You're just like me!!" So yeah. After he left, I was looknig up an uncensor cheat for the game. It must be hidden well in the net, but if you know the uncensor cheat, you gotta tell me.
You gotta man.
So yeah. Well, I rented the Okami game about like, the fall of the world and a cute white wolf, and a paintbrush. I'm stuck on the part where you need to get the fruit down from the tree. (A.K.A, the very beginning.) I'm as confused as....me. There is no other simile I can use to that. O_O so, yeah, help me out there too. I've tried everything to get that plump, (which is probably decaying on the inside due to picnic ants,) fruit, down from that cheaply graphiced tree.

4. -Channel 9407-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-

Yes! I have an anime channel! There's only a few shows, other stuff is like, Mexico's issues all day long. (which I don't find my cup of tea, or my bag of cronic, whatever.) So, yes. It has Negima & Furuba & Slayers (which was a long lost love.) Apparantly, it's called the Funimation channel 5 to 6 and 9:30 to 12:30. Didn't know that. But the cable guy who couldn't get into collegs so he's paid to get into peoples' homes and tvs to do a stressing, mind-pulling-out job of fixing the ever-so seizure causing-due-to-severe-stress-all-at-once dish satelite. Give the droput credit you guys. I'd snap, after maybe an hour, but better than your average dad who sits at home and about maims a family mamber if he can't find the remote but is irony-overflowed because it happened to be he was sitting on it the whoel goddamn time. But, I was sitting there, playing with my old school, out of dated, and has dropped so many times GBA, while listening to Backstreet boys really loud in my old school, out of date, and has dropped it so many times CD player, just to make some noise and make everyone, except for the mothers because mothers ate that boy band like candy in their hands. As he was fixing, and refixing what he entirely fucked up- his fault, he would glance my way every so often and give me the look as if I'd end up on the news the next day for being the first person in history to piss of a crack head 19 year old bi-polar whose parents still refuse to help him out wit hfinancial needs and sad enough, will continue to rebel hugging him when he needs it the most. But I could tell in his eyes he wanted to throw me over the chair I was sitting in and drown me in the draining tub 1 room away that my mother was in not too long ago, but left because she had to go outside for no reason I am aware of exactly with Scott while me and Mr. Stranger were together. I thought talknig to the d00d would help, but I was too scared. But he did a bang up job! I give you props, TV REPAIR MAN! *mails gag props to his trailer, or parents house because it wasn't solid that he didn't live there* (=3

5. -Peanut Butter._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-

Apparently, Peanut Butter makes your boobs bigger. Any comments or questions about that?

6. -Channel 6020._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-.

I always asked when school was still going, "Hey, anyone keep in tune with channel 6020?" It's the Pure Rock station on Sirius. I learned a trick to that thing. I was listening to Heart Shaped Glasses one calm day. It ended. I said aloud to myself, "Boy, I wish I could hear it again." I smirked, rewinded the song, and listened to it over, for a few hours. Today, I wanted to hear a rare song on it today, so I turned it on the channel downstairs and pressed pause. Before I went to dad's today, I had to FF through 8 hours of songs. To do it quickly, I FFed it x300, but depressingly, all that time and the somg was never on. What'd I expect? Get it where you are guarenteed from instinct that somethnig will happen but it leaves you fucked? Of course we have.^^ It's one of the most natural occuring ways god likes to show us his sence of humor.^^ Haw haw. It's funny now that I think about it. But, I do think humans are stupid like apes so thinking it, we kinda desered to be let down so many times, you could practicly guess what can't happen next, but it's life man, everyone's right in life when they say to themselves, "I DO NOT KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT HERE." So we watch with popcorn in our hands, and our lovers right beside us. Laugh at the funnies, cry at the chick-flick, the love is over part. (Like the time me and Spooky cried during Click.) ((Damn you Adam Sandler)). Well, that ended up one thing to something else. Sorry. ^^ Forgive me you must.

7. -Now My Dreams are Fucking With Me.-._.-._.-._

Yep. They are. solid fact.
Tuesday: I dreampt I was on a rundowned street of NY, and I didn't know exactly what to do with my life. I found a modeling place. I went in and put on an outfit to model. I went over to the lady to tell her I was ready. The lady said, "Sorry, but we don't hire really pregnant ladies." Cheaply ironic, a mirror was next to me. It looked like I was due any second. Sure enough, I was due that second. On the street, I gave birth to a scorpion rock golem. I had to take care of it because it came out of me (who put their what in my what to make me give birth to a wierd creature...kinda like Tom Green...*lolz at own joke*...lolz..)
Wednsday: I was playing poppy men that night (like i said, everything but the true name,) and it affected a lil of my dream. I was in my cousin Alyssia's room with my dad. He was clutching a stuffed animal and rocking back in forth. (This gets very dramatic,) so I said,: "If you won't face those bad guys out there, I guess I will myself!" I go out there, millisecond later, I get shot. RIGHT IN THE NECK! I usually wake up after that, but I didn't. I was running out of air and I could feel it wall, it was itchy and wet. I was running out of air. Blood was everywhere and I didn't wake up. But I wasn't scared. (Talk about taking a bullet for your father.) Then, it fawooshed me to a new scene. Supernick 260, a good friend of RS, a rl friend from school, (I made an anime version of his char., in my mind, turned out well and it was in my dream,) he was trying to sleep on the couch @ my uncle's house (again with the house, we olny changed 1 room differ), "We've been having the same nightmares?" He asked. I agreed. (What the hell were we talking about now that I think about it?) Master Negi Magi from Negima was on my uncle's Queen bed, just sitting there. He told me the source of our dreaming al this (???) kinda- very identical to the way I do the whole, SAFO OF THE LITTLE CORN SPEECH to SAFO. I understood him for liek 10 seconds. Then I'm fawooshed walking into dad's house palying pokemon Crystal. The graphics were shittier than what they are in the crystal version anyway. (but gotta love it ;)) I saw a shiny Pineco, and killed it. It was brown. So I go back to the cave to see if I could find it again. I said in my dream "I can't wait til I can evolve it into a Tyranitar." My err. I know Pinecos evolve into Fortresses. But I never found it. I walked into the bathroom. It seemed to look hella differ and really unsanitary. There was only a tub with a curtain in middle of the room. I wanted to spook whoever was in it... (and I have been kinda horny lately,) so I took off my clothes and liked, tackled whoever it was, down. It was magister Negi again, and he's like... 10. So it was rlly awkward. I didn't do anything to him, don't worry, though he's as cute as a dicken. (What's a dicken?)
This morning: Couldn't sleep, when I did, couldn't dream. Woke up @ 4 and went downstairs to make english muffins topped with peanut butter (breast enhancement). Mom woke up shocked to see me up early by myself so I begged her to slep downstairs. Scott duntlettameh sleep anywhere but my bed, but to rebel, and cuz comfy, I sleep on the floor. She let me. I went to sleep when she left. Ok, Scott musta woken up sooner or later cuz the door kept closing and openin to the house and Buffy kept chasin my Piggy around (like I said whenver introduced, fat cat.) I just wanted sleep but due to the whole noise factor, I kept waking up, and my dreams were messed up as shit. First dream. Rob Schneider was painting a house red with a talking dog because he was getting married. Second dream after first awoken: Rob Schneider finds out he was an orphan because he survived a tornado but his brother did not. Third dream: Kayleigh (only friend from elemantary) was walknig with me downtown her turf. Ther ewere no people. (pretty much like the city of no people in Chobits manga vol.1.) They wer ehiding because of me. I went in to a store where there were 2 ladies. I left. They were making fun of me when I left. The whole town was against me.
After that melencholy, I was ready to wake up.

8. -Holy Porno!-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-.

I was playing with my dog Buffy. Buffy wanted to play with materialism I guessed so she drove her nose under the couch. (Figured her toy was under there.) Surely enough, it was. I felt a little more after that, and found Netflix movies. 3 of them. i took out only 1. ._. woh. d00d. someone in teh house surely enough is rentin porno round here. I thought I was guna faint. DIRRRRTY PARENTS LEAVES DIRRRRTY CHILD DUMFOUNDED. Mum came out so I hid them back under. Mum saw me by the couch, suppsingly I looked under there I guess, and took out the movies. When she left, I felt back down there for at least something she missed. I found something about lesbianism sex, different from the bondage one I picked up earlier. (Since I liek to punish my parents, I ran and hid it under another couch.) Mum noticed one was missing. "Have you seen a movie I'm missing?" -.- ... I was to a reflex "no." "Well..." She tried to snake her way out of the truth to hide, "A movie was sent by mistake so yaeh...er.. if you find it, just give it to me." (Nope to that.) "K." In the morning I checked. By golly, who kew besides the the world and me? The movie was adressed to Scott in his name on both things the movie was in. Suckers think I'm stupid. I'm not stupid. Just a slight scarred.

9. -What Irony- Sad yet Pathetic too-._.-._.-._.-

after 3 tiring months manga-less saving up for the damn DS, I find out mum's shortchangin me. Says I didn't earn it a few weeks. I wana earn it by myself to make me feel achieved o course but now I have to wait longer? I waited 14 x 4 1 of the number it = of my life trying to earn it. (I iz DAAAAAMMMNNNN organized with this thing here!) Dad told me few hours ago he hasn't bought me a b-day present in a few years, (but I don't need anything from him or anyone-it's ok.) This time, my eyes lit up to little anime evil shines. "I want a DS. I'm sick of earning it. Forget it." So, he is buying be the DS because this electronis has crushed my will and soul so I am sick of it. I am just going to splurge the munny I earned out on manga. Happy ending.

This is A Non-follower,
letting you listen to the only vid I know that has Dance to the Manatee, a gay song, on it.
...I love that saying *tear*

...signing off.

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Saturday, June 30, 2007

I liked My last post layout so I'll do it that way for now on~ very organized
Read if you want to hear:

Spending Time With The one You love
A Nightmare on My Street
Due to Saving- There will be some cutbacks
Music is getting old
Too much in one sitting
Crack Cheat
And Thou Shall Shop

1. Spending Time With the one you love:
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Well, after my mum and step dad got done with a thing on "Too much in one sitting," We asked my special friend if he wanted to come over. He got to come over so I was really happy about it. I tolded him the next time he could come over, we needed to watch a scary movie. I've really grown attached to the spooky wooky films. When I'm all alone, I watch them... over and over and over and over again. That's not at all suspicious or creepy. Well, yeah, we began to watch Final Destination 3, which isn't all that scary, but jsut great, he got really jumpy when Frankie Cheecks had a fan go through the back of his head and dice up his brain like the cheap, packaged Oscar Meyer meat, also the part where the only black dude, (not being racial, but it was true,) and his head met into 2 heavy weights and went Ker-Slpatt. It was time to turn off the movie because aliens from that one new palnet could see him in total Deer-in-headlights fear. He's not the kind for suprie and gore. Me and my mum got deeply concerned becuase if he got a nightmare, he mite not be able to come over and worst of all (from mum's point of view,) mum would be considered as crazy as she really is by his very sophistocated parents. Some day, I'll make him love the spooky wooky movies, you'll see, it can be a goal because its somethnig i want to share with him, and when we're alone watching them, we can cuddle up close & hold hands! So ,we ended up watching Oliver & Company on tv, and whenever mum left to taek my dog Buffy out, we severlyy made out. Yay, well, I missed him alot because I'd usually hover around him @ school ,but this is summer vacation, I'm still not used to this temporary bittersweet, out of school, evil, here-you-go-sike-you're-back-in-it sick joke. Ok, I should move on now.

2. Nightmare on my Street:
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
I watched Nightmare on Elm Street. Freaky. It was ove of the only movies I considered to be my level of scary. The part that got me most is the part that he can come out of anywhere at any time, but that was only in dreams. But... they made a movie, I hear rumored about, the third one, that he can get you in your dreams after somethingggafjndlfj ;.;4';.;.' something in which I do not know happened so he can get you anywhere. NO WHERE IS SAFE. NOT EVEN YOUR PANTS. Especially not in your shirts, due to those Grudge 2 perverts. Well, I went t osleep one Wednsday nite. It was all usual, random bagibble, until reddy Cruger came into it with his razor claws, *scree scree scree* goes the claws. "... ... ..." goes me. He ended up never getting me, but he got DAMNNNNNNN clooooooossssse to. You see, I have this problem; sometimes, I have no clue what days are real and what days are dreams. It's all confusing to me. If you said I was a cat, hell, I'd actually think I was a cat. It's not gullable, it's very-very, quite contrary unsure. So yeah, I woke up like every morning -like this one too, to go take a bath. I kept looking behind me so quickly that my head could probably snap off, proabably. I was being alert. I told no one in my family, to keep them out of danger. It was for their own good. I was lucky this time. Next time. Hey may get me. For good. Ok, I don't know if he'll realyl kill me, but whatever he did to his victums in his dreams, it would happen for real and they'd get hurt and die.

3. Due to saving- There will be Some Cutbacks:
Since I have beaten all my Pokemon games, I'm off to get Diamond for DS. I don't have a Ds though. I'm saving up 13 weeks of allowance, but to get it quicker so it's out of the way, I'm cutting off my every-other-week allowance manga mum gives me. And to think it's already been cut off from every week to every other. I'm going temporary cold turkey. And it sucks diseased parts too because these 2 guys that were around 20, and looked like the familiar Star Trek, lives with mother, Supah nerds I met in Barnes and Noble, requested me to try Negima, its by the creator of Love Hina and Love Hina is amazing. It's like, naked girls in every chapter, but it's like Ken (the creator) forgot that women have nipples. I want all the books of Negima. Great stuff, they are gonig to have 22 volumes and in Us there's only 14, that's what I hate about america; long translation time. How hard is it? Bring over some Japanese people, give them free stay in a nice hotel, and say you'll pay them if they translate (they'd have to be manga fans and I'd do it if I were Japanse) Back on the subjct. I don't even know how a DS opperates, but I'm getting 1, also because you can play GB, GBA, & DS games in it and it comes with that fancy, built in light, oooo, (I missed out on a SP when i was younger because I'm not spoiled like my step sisters and step brother, but is practicly a sister too so nyah) I'm up to 80 dora saved...w00t.

4. Music is getting old:
Yes, it truely is. Or I'm just getting sick of it. I liek it, but nothing's original anymore. I've heard it all before and too many times for each song. Here's a list of like.... the songs I like that are hanging by a single fishing line to a boombox (goes by song groups from bands):
What a Day, Bullet With a Name on it
Heat Shaped Glasses
Shoots And Ladders, Trash, Fallnig Away From Me
Survivalism, Closer, Head like a Hole
Anna Molly, Rogues, Pardon me, Stellar
Violent Pornography, Hypnotize, Question, Chop Suey, BYOB
Polyamorous, Breathe, Sooner or Later, Diary of Jane
Truth, Fine Again, Remedy
Unholy Confessions, Bat Country
1 hits:
Earth Intruders, Hokey Fucking Pokey, Breathe into Me, Hear me Now, Tears Don't Fall, Favorite Color, Crazy Bitch, Sex and Candy, Ladies and Gentleman, Poison, The Kill, All the Small things, It's all over, I Stand Alone, Dirty Little Mind
Grillz, Buy you a Drank, Go Getta, This is Why I'm hot, moneymaker, candyshop, Chain Hang Low, This is the Way I live, Laffy Taffy, Pop Lock and Drop it, Party like a Rock Star
Fun Songs/other:
Mama Mia, Hamtaro theme, KH1 Theme, KH2 theme, The Element song, Happy Days Theme, Butterfly (Upswing Mix), Macarena, Party Party, End of the World as We know it, Barbie girl in German Japanese and english, The Blonde Song, The emo Song, I'll Make a man out of you, Manga Maniac, The llama Song, fighting Dreamer, Chocolate, Conga, Who Let the dogs out, The Hamster Dance Song, Head Over Feet, I'm No superman, Wild Child,
I know its a lot. But seriously. That's all the songs I am able t put up with . Make some better songs you bands. You're getting paid for it are not all of you?

5. Too Much in one Sitting:
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Me and Mom went out for some Egg Drop soup. It was our saturday to spend time together. You see, we have this ONE day every two weeks where we spend time with each other and no one else interferes. I love my mum, but I'm too scared to tell her. I know more kids are gonig thorugh it than me. She can be annoying and hyper, and she can ignore me or go hang out in the garage with my step dad donig who-wants-to-know-what-the-hell and being in there the whole PM. Well, as we were eating mum says, "It's really hot in here." She was wearing a tank top and i forgot what else but it was perfect summer cloth, as I was wearing my torn up cat hoodie, big black baggy pants which I love, and 2 other shirts over a tanks top. I joked, "What, are you gonig through matapause? It'd explain the heat flashes." "... Yeah. Actually I am." I about choked on my soup, and tht's hard to do. "Oh.. wow." It was then when my brain swithed on to self thought narration; "I saw my mother quite different that day. No kid actually imagines their creator of you growing old. Soon, she will be dead, and liek a cheetah, I will be off to fend for my own." Then the narration stopped. I continued with my soup. "You know," My mum tries for small talk, "Julie's pregnant." I choked on my soup again. Now I was thinking she was doing that on porpose. You see, Julie is my adorable, 98 pound, smaller than me, adorable, kiddish, cuddly, and skinny step cousin I adore ADORE ADDDOOOORRRRREEEEEE and now I hear this. I have only one thing to say. "She's not gonna live." No way she can make a kid. She's had more health problems than the King. (Not royal blood, Elvis.) "Can you ask Julie if the kid was an accident for me please?" Note: Julie is also 19. We got out of that store, then we headed to either a Wall mart or a Meijer, I forgot, to look at the prices for a DS to compare... and for mum to go to the bathroom. We were walking, "Fay. Fay. FAY. FAY MUM. It's FAY." There we ran into my best friend from Elementary School's mum, Fay. Right away I noticed a huge bulge. I was 69% sure it wasn't the possibility of letting herself go. FAy is not only nice. She's model mom. Great boobs, great figure, nice and tan, golden hair.... (this is getting a little freaky, but it's not liek that). She was pregnant too. (Tiz the season to get knocked up, Fa la la la laaaaaaaaa..... la la la laaa.) She's having her forth kid in 3 months and his name will be Melenchai. Fay has the wonderful talent of name calling.. for children. It reminds me of Malachai from Children of the Corn and melencholy, a wonderful smash of sudden events, like what I was experiencing this very day. Melenchai. Irony. If irony were strawberries, I'd be drinknig a lot of Smoothies. Then, As I was checking out the prices of the DSs and searching through the Diamond/Pearl handbook. Mum gets a call from her cell phone. That's when more callamaty struck us today. My great great step grandma, Mongi died. She was closer than you think since we were crazy close to my step aunt & uncle though I've only met mongi once. She died of a heart attack after her 1st 1 a week ago. I went to the viewing, and my parents went to the funeral, (I was not able to attend because I made "rude" comments to my mother people said about the body. I was curious. I learned a lot that day. Like, if you're a burn vicum, they close your casket so no one has to look at you. Also, they do keep the eyeballs in, but they super glue the mouths shut.) I wasn't trying to be funny at all in fact. It's stupid how the 3 things I want to tal kabout are Sex, Spirituality, and death. Most of us want to talk about it too...at least... that's what my school is like, I don't know about yours.

6. Crack Cheat:
This is a very interesting subject. Yuo know how on Gold and Silver Pokemon version how you can clone Pokemon? Philly-Poo, (he doesn't care I call him that), kept sneaking Pokemon games into my bag when I came over to his house after we Saw Fantastic 4 2 (which I didn't mind because I saw it with him so I was deeply content... we held hands... and I kept feeding him popcorn, and he didn't notice the 9 year olds making fun of us 3 rows up). I went home after it got late and when I woek up the next morning and went to go get my GBA from my bag to play, I saw he snuck a gold version. I ws a little mad, because I hate recieving things from him. When I get things, it feels liek there's a catch and it's liek a bribe some how. It makes me feel sour and guilty. Well, I looked at the pokemon he had, then I dleted his saved data, started mine, and tried out the cloning cheat on a testing character. I copied a Cyndaquil and named it Sookika. My character was named after e. Then it worked so I restarted it and made one with a Chickorita since I had a Cyndaquil/Typhlosion/ in fact a boy and a girl same lvl, in my Crystal. I made a boy, named him Del Rey since that name is freakin sweet, and got a Chikorita. I did the cloning thing. Then I turned the game back on......... it said my character was Jay. Teh I looked at the cloned Pokemon in the box. It was a Chikorita. I looked at the Pokemon in my party. It was a Cyndaquil. And that's the story of how I got the 2 starter Pokemon, I was running around my room tellign my step sister about it. Instead of being annoyed and attempting to throw something at my think head of mine, she said she was happy for me and smiled. I think she's a really good suck up, yet, I think she's one of the only people that can put up with me when I'm at my hyperest. Well I wasn't very happy because later in the game when you're right by lake of rage and you have to battle a Pokemaniac, he says before you fight him " Some --- said mean things about my Pokemon." When I made Del Rey, I made the rivals name Jackass, so the Pokemaniac would say, "Some Jackass said mean things about my Pokemon." That would have been great, but since it was the user Jay instead, the rival's name is Oompa, since I was plum out of names to name anything. Oh, also, I went ot Bill's house to get an eevee, I wanted a girl, but the first time I tried, it was genderless. A VERRY cracked Cheat.
My last subject;
7. And Tho Shall Shop:
I love Goodwill and the Salvation army. You can find anything- AH NEE THI NGGGG there. I went there laast Saturady & Wednsday. I got a good haul:
Soft Plaid Skirt
Long Sleeved Fish Net Shirt
1 Blk 1 Grey zip up Pullover Hoodie
Striped Red and Black Clown Pants (these r my fav find)
Plain white tank
Radiohead Sweater
2 Long sleeved thin Fabric Blk Shirts
White Blk Plaid dress
Tell me or not if you'd wear the Clown Pants.
Thats the end. I think I'm gonig to vomit, I work on this 4 3 hours.
There's always a video

And there's usually another vid after that...

OMG. I beg you to go to this site. Yes it s another BW song, but this one you can't even get the embed code for. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fGoeHsK8lUg&mode=related&search= It's amazing with a capital OMG!!!How ironic. I just checked, it has 666 comments. Now it really is evil....

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I wub you alls!!!!!!!!!!!! *throws human hearts around*
I'm getting too old for all the shock that happens to me.
Hell, I'm afraid to not look in every directon when I shower, sleep, enter a room, or say a 1 fucknig word anymore, 9_9 I'm going to grow up crazy like my own mother.

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Saturday, June 16, 2007

It's been a long month. School ended, principal arrested for 2 years of verbal harassment, no more health pervert, almost a restraining order for me and my boyfriend by the school, still bad @ math, got pokemon crystal again, restarted that, a party, boobs, videos, scary movies. May I tell you about it?

Section 1: School Ended:
I'm a headin to High School & the 1st thing I'm totally gunna do is make out with my hunny bun sugar plum (XD) in the "hip dark place" where teens go and teachers can't do anything about it cuz it's high school and some wierdoes ask 2 lovebirds if he can join. Once i'm not with my Woo* (has made up nicknames for him and he doesn't mind) I'm gunna be that kid. I'll just tap on their shoulders "hey, may i join in?" I would totally do that. *blush* *shy* //^//^//

Section 2: Prinipal arrested for 2 years of harassment:
I can't tell you much about that; I'm not legally able. She did deserve it. Last year she called me a bomber, this year she calls me a cleavaged, putoutable skank. (FYI I don't show cleavage cuz my boobs are not anything great or special and i don't want most to see anything of them, tho i can see them XD sry, but i can. *wierd scared feeling*)

Section 3: No more health pervert:
You heard me. Okay, now cheer with me! :D!!! YAY!
Well, there was this guy in my health class who would look at me. I wasn't looking at him first or anything- but you know how you get a sense when someone is looking at you? Everytime I was looking at him, he was looking at me before I was looking at him (blurry & mouthed confused) Cus he was staring right at me- I can't take anymore of this. But he's scary and I'm glad I don't have to put up with that guy anymore.

Section 4: Almost a restraining order for me and my boyfriend. Tied together with 1 and 2. All schools fault. They get on your ass if you're holding hands or kissin on the cheek, unless it's girl to girl cuz our school is homophobic though they said they were diverse. I wrote a paper in computer class about that as an assignment, and I ended up getting complimented on a great job and it got submitted to a stupid thing.-_- They don't FUCKING get it!!! It was an insult to all of them!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARGH!!!!

Section 5: Still bad at math:
Still bad at math. What mre to say?

Section 6: Got Pokemon Crystal again:
Yeah, it's true. I found out my step brother Blake was the one stealing my games for years. Fisrt it was Pokemon Crystal, Then it was my FUCKING Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, then Pokemon Fire Red (quite recently actually) so I traded a Saphire version my step sis gave me with my cousin James for his. So, yeah. If he steals it again... i'm gonig to be pissed.

Section 7: Restarted it.
I think you got the message that I restarted it because that's the point when the person who gives it to you doesn't have a good team- I would have done it anyway even if all the poopy man were shinies. It's my fav version evah!

Section 8: A Party
A guy who I went out with still likes me so he invited me to his semesterly "end of the semester party" My neighbor boy was there, the guy who still likes me that I couldn't care less about (cuz he was the host), my friend "Safo" it's her nickname, and my friend "Travass" Can you guess his real name? *snickers* well, we made an oath, "what happened at the party, stays at the party," so I can't tell you much (no we did not have any hot and grimy sex whatsoever-yuch) but my neighbor boy had to call up his girlfriend and tell her he loves her it was that awkward. OoOoOoOoOooooo.... I have a feeling me and my neighbor boy will hook up. We live next door, we're both pervniffs who talk about sex, boobs, and masturbation, he's like J D on Scrubs and I'm pretty much Elliot. It won't work out though.

Section 9: Boobs:
You say they don't grow in a day. That's not entirely true.

Section 10: Videos:
I found cool vids below. I encourage you to watch them- they're great. *bribes* *says in squealy voice* ^ w ^ YOU'LL EARN YOUR STRIPES FASTER

Section 11: Movies:
Saw Hills Have Eyes, Lo-Oved it!!!!!!! I encourage you to watch it if you haven't. Even if you don't like scary movies... still watch it (but you won't like it then but... bucker up^^) Also saw House of Wax. I actually had to sit down for a few hours to decide if I liked it or not. I came up with the conclusion... still not sure. *shrugs* :( Oh. I taped it on DVR and if you've seen it, can you tell me how it ends? No one in my family remebers cuz only my mum saw it and she can't remeber how old I am, .... seriously. But she loves me... I feel... Way... same... can't... find self to say.... though...I chicken Bwk *feathery buttock* -_-;?

Honestly. Tell me what you think.

XD Piofect! Who knew?

Awesome Dance mix; fun for the whole Family

Stand Up Comedy Sora

Standup Comedy Sora 2

AWS! Yes I love Ouran High School^ ^

...Scar can't do it.




.....................my head hurts..............
I really thank you for listening

~A Non-follower~

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Friday, May 18, 2007

Another day post
Weeeeelllll.. I restarted my Pookie Man Yello version. I am now the dork whom plays it on the bus. It really is a good game. I was psyched because I found out how to make pikachu dance =D! I named my pika Pon Yika. So yah, sometimes, Kevin the neighbor boy takes it away from me to play for a while. He's pretty cool.
Is it just me or is everyone talknig about Poke'mon? I think everyone is. I think the pokemon (the new ones) all look like fluffy or squggly animals am i right? Well, my special someone likes it so i have to put with it. I rlly honestly do not know a kid who NEVER EVER liked pokemon. Even i liked it. So, well, its a revoltion all over again. Scary. I admit. The games are fun.

This is A Non-follower,
if you like the series, you are scary,
they have scary eyes,
signing off.
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I found this.
Either you'll laugh, or be scared and scarred.
(=3 I personally like this because it was a random find
and am I not right, but is this FUCKING hilliarious???

this is A Non-follower,
Tellitubbies plus scary rap = XD

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Sunday, May 6, 2007

^^...... Mornin.
Uh. Hehe. XD I've been having a lot of wet dreams lately. *cracks up* I've had 3 drams in a row with me in a pool.
The 1st dream I had I was in a kiddie pool and an older guy was hitting on me and he had a mustache. He was a nice person but haha! Then we went to an alien BBQ... with ...yummy... tender....juicy...chicken wings. -_______- *drool*
The 2nd was a one where a girl was mad at me because I lived in a Orange Tipi so she threw me in water. That's all I remember.
The 3rd was last night. My friends was wearing tight metallic Barbie pants and he got kicked out of the pool because he needed trunks. *blink blink* Hey. I also remember my dad and step mum were renting movies @ a old video store we haven't seen before. There was a great deal on movies but we saw they were all porno. Not one of my better dreams there.

A buddy ditched me on the internet last night. We were on stupid and gay Runescape. I had to go eat and I had heartburn so he said he'd wait for me. No. He promised. When I got back on, he wasn't on. No. I wasn't hurt. I was ok. No one was on. I waited 2 hours. Then went and let my anger out on Dollmakers. For 4 hours I did that. I'm starting to get more angry than hurt. Why is that? Hmm... IDK. That's my conclusion.

Ah.It's been awkward too. My and my "certain" "special" male friend are in the same health class. It's half way done this health class cuz school is 1 month left. I'm very kinda uh... embarassed because our discussions in that class havebeen about rape and teen pregnancies. A Teen mom came in. There's a time where I just can't look at someone. I rested my head down and just didn't pay attention. There is 1 thing I hate more than molesters and fat porno addicted, lives with their mothers and is a fucking sleeze ball so he can't even pick up a date guy, oh let's add he drinks heavily too. Oh, yeah, the thing I hate more is little babies and children. I can't take them! If I ever get pregnant- I'll kill my fuckin self! I'll stab me right through the stomach with a sharp thick knife and twist!!! I wouldn't be able to take it! I can't even take care of plants! I don't wana be a mother too-.. *stops* Oh. Sorry. I don't wana talk about this anymore. It's not liek I'm gunna go off and get knocked up. I just worry it may happen all by itself like that unlucky Joseph and Mary story. I aint givin birth to no Jesus though-lol.
Uh. Damn.
I have nothing else to write but I have all day to type. Computer Fucky. I'll just.. uh... think up something. I should start makign fanfics... I started a really yummy yaoi one long time ago with Gaara and Sasuke. The sex was really graphic and long. I can't type it on this computer because dad doesn't respect my privacy as much as mum.

This is a Non-follower....
uh.. brain not ...working!1.1wrrefy3 8 *strains*
signing off.

Here's a picture. Have fun.
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Saturday, May 5, 2007

Hey Pallies, G'morning to you all! ^___^

Music Video Codes By Music Jesus.com

What ranDOM movie quote are you? by merenwen_ruby
Choose One
The Quote"Where is the rum?"-Capt. Jack(POTC)

Let's see... what have I done these 2 weeks... hm.
Oh. Well, yesterday, I got in trouble for going on the internet @ school. I was using Photobucket for yaoi and the teacher came by. She didn't see what was on the site thank Jesus but I got.. well.. .stricter rules than all the other kids.
List of things I can't do but everyone else can:
I can't:
Go anywhere out of the lunchroom during lunch
Go to the library- ever
Go run errands for any teacher
Be with any friends alone in a hallway
Get a hall pass or ude the bathroom during 3 classes
I have to be 1 minute earlier then others for my computer class or I get written up
And N O I N T E R N E T I N A D V A N C E D C O M P U T E R S
It just sucks. So I got sent to the office. I was a little grumpy to I asked the desk lady whom is usually on the phone person for a piece of paper. I drew doodles and me getting in trouble in a whimpery face. Then, a guywho is on everyone's side so not many like him, Mr. Fickus shows up. Everyone behind his back calls him Mr. Fuck Us behind his back because if we trust him. Our trust for him gets fucked and we're screwed. (Not littlerly screwed but he's a regular uh..... that 1 guy who narked or something.. he turned on his people during that British are Coming thing....uh... I don't remember his name.. it was like.. Fedal Castro maybe or sumtin IDK) Argh.. well so, as I was saying, he sat down and talked to me. I told him what I was in for and he had nothing but time t listen. So then a few ladies behid the desk were listening in and comenting. Well, it's funny bcus I only had to stay in the for the rest of the hour and walked out of there happy and laughing saying g'bye to everyone in the office and they wished me a good rest of the day^^.
Also. I beat KHII how depressign. It such a good game. I'm stucking on the fucking Agrabah land on the 1st game so uh... and the 2nd one is so much better but I beat Xemnas 2 nights ago *snert snert* and yeah. I wish it was a little longer though. I love the name Xenmas. *snert XD* It makes me giggle. Photobucket & parental block have joined to be one so I can only right click the small picture to it all but here's what Xemnas looks like *snort* He wields... I gunnah, a lightsabor or somethin.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Yeah. ^ ^ How fun. It kinda reminds me of Potter Puppet Pals ^ ^
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
*Chocobos Running around* Oh... my..... O_O Well.. uh.....

give Jay more *HUGS*

Get hugs of your own

Oh. I DID draw somteen since I not able to use the net @ school. I drew it on paint too... I kinda proud of it.. only buz I not good @ paint. Here's my inner me cat I always draw, but not as much it's been a while:
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*Finds* Oooh...

Create your own Poll

Well, I got someone to meet. I'll be keeping in tune and I took out some stuff from my imbox & read all Pming stuf =3

This iz A Non-follower
Up and Ready for a productiveless day,
signing off.

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