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Wednesday, March 9, 2005

   Life Got me Stuck
Holy! I haven't been here in ages, really, now, only 3 months.

I belive you guys have had a very very cool Kurismasu, as they say in Japan. Japanese, the language, to be exact.

Nothing much happening so far, besides the fact that LIFE IS MAKING ME SO SO SO SO BUSY. YES, 4 so's to be exact.

Muahaha... lipstick!

I got a ticket the other day (Tuesday, to be exact) for running a red light. Darn those cameras and those stupid lights. *Slifer blows up lights* The damn car in front was going too slow and the damn light was going to fast. Meh, I just got caught in between.

Screw the neighbor's dog..... pisses me off. He kept barking last night (2: AM to be exact) and I couldn't sleep. Was up until 5 when I decided to get out of bed. Looked like Brandon slept perfectly well.

Now to cover up the drama. Anyone watch the O.C.? I love that show, yep, one of my favorites! Did you guys actually guess Marissa was a shoujo-ai girly girl? She's just desperate, we all know. I'm sure after Lindsey breaks up with Ryan, he'll come crawling back cept' this time he's got Alex to fight off. Wh00t! Go Seth! Nerdy BUT Summer totally digs him.

What more do I have to say..?

I got the latest Shonen Jump. Very good, you should go buy it.

Making a list of the things I still have to do. Lookin' pretty long so far, yep.

I am so bored now I think I'll hit "the" button. "The", to be exact, is "Add Post".

Syonara, folks! the neko-ster is OUT.

And yet I find myself typing this. Dude, I seriously do need help, and that I could clarify with over 1 million reasons. Heh.

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