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Saturday, March 3, 2007


You're all probably wondering where I've been...again. To to the truth, I've been spending nearly all my time on DA. I practically live there, but yeah. ^^;

I haven't given up here, but you will most likely find me there if your curious. Off of that topic, how has everything gone? I just got invited to convention somewhere in Georgia with some friends. I don't know where it exactly even is, but it sounds like fun. It's my first one, so I'm pretty excited.

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Tuesday, January 2, 2007

   Can't Think of a Title...

Hey, I'm back once again. How's everybody doing? I'm really enjoying my winter break, though I have to go back two days from now. Midterm exams were killer, though I was able to get off the Monday before last since none of my periods were testing that day. I went and saw Eragon, of which one of my friends obsesses. It's alright, but I felt the characters were kind of "flat." Not much depth, if you know what I mean. Well, that's enough of my rambling.

Other than that and Christmas, nothing much has happened. I was able to get some pieces submitted. That reminds me of one of my New Year's resolutions: no more crappy sketches or junk in the portfolio. It's supposed to be nice, and I'm trying to take my work up a notch or two. So, yeah...

There's no poem of the day, but here's an excerpt from the fanfiction I'm writing. I won't post anything until I have a good three, lengthy chapters done though. This is a part way ahead in the story, but I couldn't help but go ahead and write it. Major spoilers I know - the descriptiveness was impossible to resist. I love writing graphic things for some reason. ^^; Speaking of that, I'm in serious need of a beta reader. Anyone interested?

The Alley

The alley was dark, and she had no idea how she had gotten there. Kurai quivered as a slight chill ran up her back – she had always hated the dark, despite being a former shinobi. She had killed people for a living, yet it still gave her the creeps. She slowly backed out when a small clatter came about. The frightened woman whipped about her surroundings to see nothing. Just a trick of the imagination she told herself.

She continued to skulk out of the decrepit place, face towards the alley as she did so. Not paying attention, she bumped into something, or someone, hard and cold. She froze up and unhurriedly turned about once more, bit by bit as if she was just on a leisurely walk in the park. Whatever what right behind her drew deep, rigid breaths and spoke in a seductive, threatening voice – it spoke?

The figure grabbed her from behind and twirled her towards its direction. She saw its face and recoiled back in horror. A towering man with lengthy, dark hair and frighteningly pale skin turned to face her. Golden, reptilian eyes simpered down at her as she hit the ground, falling hard. She’d seen that man before – on all the wanted posters, at the top of the bingo book always. In nearly every country, he was a sought after convict. A high bounty sat on his shoulders.

And this man, him, stood before her now. She cowered in his stature as he drew closer, a mouth, which was just a little too wide to be human, crawled into a slow sneer. He spoke in that ominous voice that she had heard once before, back in her shinobi days.

“It’s so nice to see you again. But, why the disappointing greeting? I had thought you were better than this, more courageous.” The man’s voice was sinister indeed, and you could hear a slight hissing at the end of his words, like a snake almost. Kurai glanced up at him, too terrified and shocked to speak. Then she noticed it: his arms.

They were covered in torn bandages and were a livid mess of purple and red. It appeared that skin was missing in some areas, and the rotting muscle shown through. That horrid, lingering skin flaked off in ragged sheets, parts of it still clinging to the body. An awful odor of decomposing tissue exuded from the dying arms that were his. What a terrible fate this creature must have, to suffer the discomposure of death to his most vital limbs. To experience the putrid and decaying of his own flesh as he looked on, completely helpless, must be a horrible fate indeed.

The debatably half-dead man chuckled at her naïve terror. “You remember this, eh? What you precious leader did to me? And to think, he was the reason you’ve left as well. We’re distantly the same, you and I.”

Kurai jumped out of the subordinate position and hollered back, “You’ve no idea what you’re talking about, you miserable bastard!”

“I was exiled for a much more honorable reason and against my will at that! At least, I don’t hate them for it! They had a valid reason after all…”

That lurid grin grew wider, “No, you are the one who doesn’t quite understand. I left on my own and was cast out later. You on the other hand are still quite the mystery to me. Say, why did you leave there?”

“Shut up! Just shut up!”

“There’s not need for that now. You’re coming with me – I have plans for you. There’s some reminiscing to be done between us.”

And with that she felt the familiar darkness overcome her as she passed out in that decrepit alley, taken away.

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