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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

   myO and theO?
myO is really separated from theO? That's kinda weird.
OMG my stomach...
Well anyway, as always I'm in class, and I've only got about...7 minutes until class ends and I get to go home. Woot for CST testing and being a senior. I get to go home an hour after school starts all this week. Funfun.
*yaaawwwwn* I'm shleepy...I'm gonna go home...and sleep...Byebye allz.

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hey, when did they change the layout for theotaku??? *blinkblink* It's kinda weird. I dunno, it might take me a while for me to get used to. o.o

It is frickin AWESOME! I LOVE IT! Dood, I am addicted to this game. I particularly like using Zero Suit Samus. Sure she's kinda weak, but I'm best with speedy characters. Yesh. So, Yesh, I like Sheik and Squirtle. Oh, I like Pit too, Pit's pretty good. And I'm getting okay with Fox and Falco. Hmm...Brawl roxorz. ^0^

Aaaanywaayyyy, that'll be enough for me. Haha.


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