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Hola! My name is Kaze or Rints, which ever you prefer. I'm a 16 year-old artist just looking for fellow anime artists to chat and share drawing tips with. I live with my parents and little brother in a small, hick town located in Minnesota. You can usually find me on Neopets...because that site is so freakin' addicting XD I do write /some/ fanfiction, mainly Yu-gi-oh. There's a link below.

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Monday, June 19, 2006

   Alas, all good things must come to an end.
I'm sorry to say that I'm not longer going to be coming onto this account any longer. It won't let me upload my fanart anymore...and that's all I use theotaku site for.

I'll be sure to put my new account name on this page once I make one.

So long my presious Rints account TT~TT

Goodbye forever from :


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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

   Jeez! It's been a while O.O;;
My life has been quite busy lately. Sorry I haven't posted for awhile, I'm on everyday during lunch, but I'm afraid to type anything because the teachers tend to look over my shoulder and see that I'm not doing "homework". Anyway, here's what's been going on :

I started up my summer job on May 5th as a dishwasher, or, as I like to call it "kichen staff" xD It sounds so much more formal. Well, it's a sucky ass job, but someone has to do it I guess. I get $6.15 an hour and I usually work weekends, which totally sucks, considering weekends are the busiest and I'm there til 1am or later finishing up washing them while everyone goes home ;~;

My back is killing me because of my job, I swear, I complain about my back more than a 90 year-old grandma that just fell down the stairs xD

School's been a bitch, considering I have 2 more days left. I have 2-day finals in everyone of my classes except for band and I've been busting my ass trying to study, but I do better if I cram, not if I spend an hour studying the same stuff. I'm weird like that O.o

One of the reasons I can't study is my coffee addiction. My parents have gotten up and drank all the coffee the last few days, so I've been coffee deprived the whole week =.=U And I don't have time to make another brue before school and I can't go anywhere to buy coffee so I'm screwed >.>

Man! Is it fuckin' hot out or what? Jeez! I kid you not, it was 90 degrees today and the school officals are such freakin' cheap skates and won't turn on the AC >.< And it's not too much better at home too. I live in a 100 year old house, which means we don't have vents for air conditioning. So we have these systems upstairs and downstairs that make a ton of noise, but they cool the house down a little, so they're okay. My room is the hottest room in the house (not just because I'm hot ;D Just kiddin' xD), so it's hard to sleep at night. I bought a $50 fan with a stand to keep it cool. There went half my paycheck >~<

I've also added new fanart. Go check them out!

Thanks for reading and putting up with my complaints xD I don't have anyone to complain to, so the theotaku is the only place I've got x3

See ya!


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Monday, April 24, 2006

   Just a few layout changes
Nothing too major, just thought it could use a little change. The colors kind of remind me of a light strawberry and chocolate shake xD

In my opinion, I think the avatar is the best part of the whole layout. Yup, I still love Loveless...not only that, but I want to keep the 'My Fandom is so Horny' gif up above on my site x3 I like to have thinks that match on my site.

Oh, I guess I have a boyfriend now >.>
Yup, the same guy that I was rumored to be going out with. Well, we both got tired of people jumping down our throats about going out with each other, so we just decided to try it. I mean, we've been friends for awhile, so it's not like things are going to be any diffrent. We don't 'feel a connection' so it's fine. As long as is shuts those fucking rumors up, who cares.

Okay, see you all around ^.^


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