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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Wow, I haven' been on here in forever... It's been kinda hard to find time between school, work and the new fall line-up they have on tv (lol). So many things to do. I have to clean my room, make it all nice and such too. Then I have to do start getting Christmas presents... shop-ping! For others, but for myself as well. Wait, I didn't mean getting myself a Christmas present. I'm not that self-centered, gosh.

Yeah, so I got a job, hurray! I think I'll stay til after Christmas because that's when they're the busiest, but I think I'll quit after that. I'm mostly in it for the money, heh heh. It was a good experience too, but it takes me weekends away! And now I don't look forward to growing up.

School is going alright, I guess. Got a few projects to do, but I don't have the motivation to go get it done. So I'm going to waste my time typing this up.

And omigosh, so many new/returning shows this fall! It makes me happy, but it takes out so much time... I guess I could just not watch it, but I don't have that kind of willpower. They just suck me in. Like a vaccum. Of course, <Heroes> is on. And <House>, <The Office>, <The Tudors>, <Man Stroke Woman>, <Pushing Daisies>, <CSI: NY>, <Scrubs>, <Dirty Sexy MOney>, <Reaper>, etc. I can't watch alll of them sadly... But I do follow <Heroes> and <Pushing Daisies> cult-ishly.

My sister had a party a week ago and that was fun. I got to see Roiben, yaaaaay. Um, oh, I went to Vancouver over the weekend! That was good, ate lots of yummy food and shopped as much as my uncle would let me.

I'll be around to creep your pages later on, but for now, I'll return to doing my homework... Damn, that didn't take as much time as I'd hoped.

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