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Welcome to my Otaku Site. Its not much because i dont come here alot, I'm always on Gaia (kazekagegaarasgirl) But please enjoy on whats here!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Man it sure has been long while since i last updated. Cause well i never come to myo anymore i'm always on Gaia or devaintart.

School has been going alright easy going and simple. Its just a really boring life i got so its hard to think about what to say. Anyway i've been working on Illustrator for days now and if you want to see come here:


To see all my art work. And if you ever want to chat you can find me on Gaia my user name is: KazeKageGaarasGirl.

Thats really it.. sorry its not like so exciting or nothin.

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Sunday, August 26, 2007

   School Tomorrow
Hay guys. Its been awhile since i last posted.. guess cause nothing really happens when i'm on break. School starts tomorrow and i really cant wait. And its odd cause most of the time i hate school.. but i'm just soo bored and i just missed all my friends >w< well anyway thats really all the news i got for now.


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Monday, July 30, 2007

   Being Hacked / Otakon
Hi Everyone! ^^ Its been alooong while since i last posted, and yesterday my friend Tito told me that someone changed my profile, i come back and everything was kyo. I read the post and i think i will post a little more offten, i mean if someone did all this just so i will come back it work lol. I did some changes to my profile since yesterday like the "weclome" and whatnot. And the only reason my site hasn't changed is because i forgot how to do HTML codes since i havn't been here in so long. Well thats that with me being hacked, if the hacker reads this - please pm me so i can thank you.

Otakon 2007

I went to otakon!! >w< it was so much fun, if you went i was an Anbu gaara (i was like the only anbu gaara there). I meet tons of people adn meet some voice actors as well. like:

Vic- Edward Elric
Aaron dismuke- Alphone Elric
Collen- Riza Hawkeye
Seki- Japanese voice for Kyo sohma
Noto- Japanese voice for Rin in inuyasha

I was realy happy i got to see vic and aaron, but for every since voice actor there was a huge ass line and my feet were about to run away at the end of the day, and of course my ninja shoes didn't help one bit! lol But i had a great time, and not i need to bug my mom to take me to Shikkaricon is PA so i can meet some of the people i meet at otakon again.

Well thats all for now! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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