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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Fucking pissed off.

Okay, this is getting fucking annoying.

Is any one else experiencing any difficulty logging into MSN, or am I all alone in the world?

Damn thing keeps telling me, after about two minutes of load time, that the address does not exist or that my password is incorrect. I've been typing the correct password.

Hotmail.com simply will not load, under any circumstances, what so ever, and MSN.ca isn't letting me sign in.

Does any one know of a free messenger I can use in the interim that will allow me to talk to people with MSN? Skype and AIM are useless, Trillian is exclusively PC, and the same goes for Google Talk.

I'm fucking pissed.

On the positive side, I did get a pair of cute mary-janes today, along with some new socks and a t-shirt. : D


But I'm still fucking pissed off.

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Friday, September 9, 2005

I'm completely and totally bored the hell out of my mind. There is absolutely nothing to do.

*turns to goo and oozes onto the floor*

I feel like typing "fuck" over and over, but that would just get tedious. -.-;;

Fuckity fuck fuck fuck. Whatever.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Cotton good, wool bad.

Since her birthday was a while ago and I hadn't gotten her anything yet, I picked up a copy of Sly 2 for my little sister. Which is really a roundabout, more virtuous (or not, depending on your outlook) way of buying it for me.
I've only seen her and her friend play through the first level, not wanting to touch the controller so soon myself, therein giving away my true motivation for buying it, but I find myself leaning towards favouring the original, if only because Sly looks really, really weird in this one. It's something they did to his face. It just doesn't look right. Like somebody grabbed his raccoon snout and yanked it, therein stretching his face out.
The basic game mechanics are pretty-much the same, aside from the new life system. In the original, if I remember correctly (it's been a while), you basically have one shot at completing each section and you must do it perfectly. Get hit by a bad guy? You dead! Gotta start over! Pissed me off.
In the sequel, you have a standard life bar, so you can actually keep playing after getting hit once, at the very end of the level. Too bad the thing is damn ugly. Ah well. Can't have everything for $24.99, can you?

This brings me to another, wonderful video-game related bit of information I came across today: Farah is in "Prince of Persia 3". Or is going to be. Same difference.
I really loved Farah, for whatever reason, and was heartbroken to see her dropped for no good reason when "Warrior Within" came out.
So that makes me happy. : )

I've got my eye on "Up Your Arsenal", now that I can actually afford it. Ratchet and Clank > stuff.

So it's been almost three whole days since I started cleaning my room. And guess what--I'm not done. Nope. No sir, not me, not my room. Cleaning that place is far more of a commitment than it ought to be--things don't get put away, they get left in arbitrary places until you can find somewhere to put them.
Last night, I had so much crap on my bed, I had to sleep in the spare bedroom, with my sister's hamster and the printer.
Since I spent most of today shopping, I haven't had much time to deal with the problem of everything in the damn world being on my bed right now. So I can either make a total fucking mess of my floor or...sleep in the spare room again.
Number two's actually looking pretty decent, since the bed is way more comfortable than the one in my room and also because my dad likes to turn off the A/C at night and it gets bitching hot upstairs.
Also, I don't have to deal with all the crap on my bed until some time tomorrow. I mean hey, I figure school starts pretty damn soon and I have to squeeze in all the procrastinating I can until then.

I mentioned I spent most of today shopping, which I did. Went to a mall I haven't been to in a while with my friend and bought myself three t-shirts and a sweater. The first two t-shirts are just plain t-shirts, one brown and the other orange. The third one is this intense blue with a cool neckline.
The sweater is all cottony and yummy and orange and has big buttons. ^__^ Also, it's not made of wool.
I hate wool. I fucking hate it. Damn stuff gives me hives. I don't understand how any one can wear the stuff without dying.
I don't like the taste of lamb, either, come to think of it. Maybe I just love sheep too much for my own good? Maybe I should move to New Zealand, where I can hang with Hong Hing. : P

Oh yeah, and, Tony--that is you who added me on MSN, isn't it? (I don't know who else it would be on Earth, given the e-mail address, but hey.)

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Monday, August 29, 2005

The Easter of Subjects

So you might have noticed something different.
Well, I'll start off by saying the old theme wasn't really working for me. There was something about it that just...fell flat. I blame it mostly on my lack of Photoshop, since I really did love the concept and the picture is still dear to my heart. It's just that it didn't have that certain energy or edge I at least try and feature in my newer themes.
I thought it was pretty blunt, when I started off, that it was meant to be ironic, but so many people just told me it was "so happy", I figured I'd reintroduce it again, after I have the proper tools and time to make it work. Or not. I'll probably just put it off and put it off, then find something else and never get back to it. You know me.
Anyway, what this theme lacks in energy, it makes up for in edge, even if Azure has no idea as to wtf I'm on about with it.
Believe it or not, the images are from the Centerpiece of the 27th's Globe's Focus. Some article about Christian fundamentalists trying to drive sexism and homophobia into children's minds before they even know what either are. Nothing new.
The pictures were fabulous, however, simply because of how innocent they were. All the children are completely innocuous--if children are ever completely innocuous--until you read their labels.
Actually, you tend to see the label first, so the 50s-esque images just make the whole thing kinda bizarre. Or not.
Maybe I'm just full of myself, as always. : )

Anyhow, as you might have gathered, I like this theme quite a bit and don't see myself changing it for a while.

Since it's probably a better idea to return to school at least somewhat prepared/organised, I've taken to trying to clean out my room. You know, flush it of all the useless, accumulated crap I never use or want to look at again. It makes the place feel really heavy and as though nothing could ever get done in there, ever.
I know my room has the potential to be clean. I've seen it clean before. It's kind of creepy. (Well, not so much clean, per se, as neat...)

I've made substantial progress with my desk. After about an hour of sorting and stacking and shoving crap into cardboard boxes, I still have this to contend with.

I'm taking the more permanent route this time, however, and actually removing most of the stuff from my room, not just piling it and sticking it in a drawer, something that almost guarantees it'll be back on the floor within moments.
Stuff has a tendency to do that, after all.

Almost two months ago, my mother bought season one of 3rd Rock From the Sun on DVD. We watched a few episodes a couple days ago and now I can't stop watching them. This is exactly what happened with That 70's Show. And, I suppose, many other series, only those were via the computer, not expensive DVD box sets, which always makes countless difference.

The series is quite funny, though, to its credit, perhaps due to how manic every one is, all the time.

I have a bunch of little scabs around my left ankle, because of some particularly obnoxious mosquitos hanging about the cottage, two weeks ago. However, the scabs aren't really as direct a result of the mosquito bites themselves as of my scratching them with the nail of my right big toe.
I'm always cutting myself on that nail, even after cutting it.
It's, like, the most retarded hazard ever. Seriously. Wtf?

After hearing their other CD, I love The Arcade Fire more than ever.
Also, go listen to Metric. Now. I demand it.

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Thursday, August 25, 2005

So I finally got [another] fat envelope from my school today, telling me that they're not just too damn lazy to send us our schedules in the mail, but that they're cheap enough to not give them to us for any less than fifty dollars.
Sure, you could say the money isn't for the schedule, but when they demand you pay for the Student Activity Card in order to receive it, there's no getting around the fact that THE BOARD are a bunch of total fucking assholes.
I mean, if the whole having to go pay fifty dollars for a sheet of paper and some flimsy plastic card isn't enough, they decide to make doing so only possible for an hour and a half, at one o'clock, on a Tuesday.
Just...why? Why fuck up the whole damn day like that and make us pay you for it?

Also, my mom is mad at me because she thinks I'm never going to want to go shopping with her again.
Go figure.

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