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HIHI! this is my other site!*~CDDelric1221 here~* yaya this is where i will be puting all of my stories and poems and what nots!
so have fun reading them! n_n

One here i will also be putting a siries of "poems" that i made too n_n enjoy!
And ppl don't 4get thAT I HAVE ANOTHER SITE IT'S CDDElric1221! so yay don't 4get to cheak that out! also all of these i made myself! i'm talking about the stories and poems! so yay n_n
and sign my gb too that would be nice of u ppl -,~

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Saturday, September 2, 2006

An Angel's Lost Love part24
(heyllo peeps! well as u can c this is the last part of "An Angel's Lost Love...well ya here it is)

That angel,
that angel who's smile,
could brighten up a room,
is now lost within herself,
Every night,
when she goes to bed,
she knows,
she has to wake up to that world,
that world with all things gone wrong in it,
so every night.
she drifts off into her own world,
a world where she can be at peace,
a world she doesn't want ot leave,
the world she goes to,
to get away from that pain,
the pain from her love,
that guy,
she still loves him,
with all her heart,
no matter how much pain he cause her,
she'll always love him,
she just can't help it,
so she watches in the pain and sorrow,
as he loves someone else,
she trys to hide the pain,
but she can't,
she still fools people into,
believing that she's ok,
even tho,
her wings are pitch black,
her soul is gone,
abd her smile is not so bright anymore,
but she just moves on.

Then one night,
as she's looking up up into the moon,
she carves a name,
a name into her left leg,
the name of her love,
it hurts her at first,
but then at the end,
she doesn't feel anything,
and she just looks up,
at teh moon which looks just so full,
and bright.....

or is it?!??!!
(lol well there u go pplz the whole story! finally!!!! lol so ya well i hope u guys enjoyed it n_n and tell me what u guys think about this part and the over all story! well if i havent read the whole thing u can now!!!! well ya cya guys on the flip sode lol bye *waves bye*)

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

An Angel's Lost Love part23
(well pplz i no if been a long time since i last posted my story and stuff well there is the part and 1 last part till the story is over 4 now well here u go enjoy AALL part 23 n_n)

Time passes,
feelings are relased,
the pain grows,
the angel just can't help but wonder,
if shes being played,
like if that guy,
is just messing with her feelings for him,
or useing them for his own reasons,
she doesnt know what to think any more,
time passes,
she finally can't keep in all the pain she feels,
she just lets it all out,
to her dear friend,
as she lets it out,
she crys,
and crys,
tears rolling down her face,
tears of pain,
but not all the pain was relesed,
but yet,
she feels better,
she crys some more,
but these tears are filled with,
and sadness,
that guy,
doesnt even know shes crying,
she hides her tears from him,
but no one knows that most of the tears,
are for him,

Then when she goes to bed,
shortly after...
she thinks,
and as she thinks,
she crys,
she crys herself to sleep,
a sleep that she hopes,
she doesnt want to wake up from,
but like she knows....
she does,
back in to that place,
we call Earth...

(so ya that was part 23 part 24 will be coming up soon so ya plz comment on it thx if u do! well ya cya lata on bye)

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Thursday, July 20, 2006

An Angel's Lost Love part22
(here u go pplz this is part 22 i no its been a while since i last this stroy well here u go part22)
Weeks pass,
as this time passes,
she can feel herself slipping into the darkness,
she cab feel herself slowly giving up,
that guy and the angel,
they slowly try to make it through,
but things are not getting any brighter,
she flys around hopeing to find a light to guild her through the darkness,
but not a match,
not a spark can be found,
she chooes a few days to relax,
but thoes day turn out to be sum of the hardest days of her life,
things just go from bad to worst in a matter of minutes,

But things dont stay bad for long,
they get hard,
all the angel could find herself saying is,
"I can't take it anymore! I just want it all to end",
her friends try to help her,
including that guy,
no matter how much pain she feels,
she can't get over him,
through all this pain,
through all hardship,
on the last night befor she's off to work hard,
as she flys in the moonlight,
she cry,
out of all the day of wanting to die,
the days of wanting to give up,
all the days of wanting to end it all,
shr crys,
but only a few tears,
but not enough to refresh her soul,
only 4 tears,
1 tear for every preson,
she felt like she hurt,
but yet,
through all this darkness,
theses was a spark of light,
but then it went out,
all she wants,
is for that guy adn her friends,
to be happy,
she didn't want any of this to happen,
and she's sorry for it all,
that guy says its not her fualt,
but she feels it really is,

He wants to help her,
she just can;t open up,
everytime he brings up something,
she changes the subject,
she really can't help it,
she wants to tell him,
she can't seem to trust anyone,
afrid that she'll get hurt again,
but she want to ,
but yet she just can't,
she loves him,
and they both know it for a fact,
but things are not really looking up to what she would like them too....
(well pplz that was part22 plz tell me wut u think about it...well ya cya lata on bye)

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Saturday, July 15, 2006

hey it's been a while since i last posted/been on here but i have been busy withmy other site CDDElric1221 if u havn't been there u should go its also a good way to keep up with me since i'm on there more well ya so wuts^ with u guys out there? good i hope n_n how had ur summa been going? wonderful i hope XD well ya well lata till the next post cya around
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Friday, June 30, 2006

new site
hey ppl! well me and my friend have created a site its called icyhearts...it a place where u can get help with sum problems ur having and get sum help! also is a way u can meet new friends so ya thx if u go to it n_n its preatty simple right now well thats b/c we just made it the other day so ya well ya......but over time it will get better! well i hope u stop bye ^^""" plz do so ya well cya lata on bye n_n
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